Motor City Murders

by Angel Cohn September 22, 2010
Fall Pilot Season: Detroit 1-8-7

At the morgue, Longford and Mahajan meet a roller derby playing medical examiner who has turned up a 9 millimeter slug. She asks Mahajan if Longford got his house in Tuscany. Apparently he finds out tomorrow.

Back at the precinct, Washington is complaining to Sanchez about Fitch. She shrugs off his social quirks and says that no one knows anything about Fitch, but that he gets his job. She tells him to suck it up. Washington makes an off the cuff remark about her lack of a partner, which is a sore subject since he apparently had a heart attack two weeks ago. Making friends everywhere he goes, this one.

Back on the bridge, Mahajan and Longford are sifting through leaves looking for the shell casing. They find several other calibers, before finding the right one. There's some joking about looking for bullets in Detriot.

At the precinct, Det. John Stone walks in to some catcalls as apparently he just did a charity calendar. Mr. February has a drug dealer with some Oxy for them to question. Fitch walks in with the Oxy and starts asking how the dealer just magically took a stroll through the park and found a bottle of Oxy just laying around. His unique brand of questioning and abrasiveness with criminals is really spot-on. My personal favorite thing about the show. Especially when he banters with Sanchez about how long a drug dealer will end up serving a life sentence if he doesn't get answers. It's not so much what he says, but the way. Druggie gives up a guy named Pooch as the dealer.

Stone gets on the phone with Pooch, casually throws out some names like Chicklet and Lil'D as references, one resonates and they make a meeting plan. Sanchez looks positively smitten. At the meeting spot, they stake out the criminal, but a local cruiser makes the criminals run. Chasing on foot ensues. Just like an episode of COPS. Washington takes down Pooch, or at least a young man who has that tattooed on his neck. But just as he's about to take him back to the car, his "Baby Love" ring goes off. Instead of ignoring the call like a sane person, he takes the criminal and handcuffs him to a kiddie playground. He starts talking to his wife about false contractions, totally takes his eyes off of Pooch, and nearly misses the guy taking off with a slide attached to his wrist.

Back in holding, Pooch sits, while Fitch informs Washington that the driver was a minor and it is totally Washington's job to get the pertinent information about the perp. Stone doesn't think this is a good idea, Mason just stares at Fitch skeptically and Washington walks in all confident and doing his best bad cop impression. Pooch refuses to talk, but then starts swearing and making comments about fucking Washington's wife... as you do when you are a dirtbag drug dealer being charged for a homicide. Washington starts swearing back at him. Pooch says that Washington is "green as a martian", the two fight back and forth until Pooch says he wants a lawyer. Clearly, he's familiar with the ways of the legal system.

Mason shakes her head and wants to know that Fitch has a plan. He does. It's to make Pooch think he's smarter than them. Stone thinks Pooch is smart because now they can't question him. Oh, Fitch has a plan for that too. He heads into the room and tags Washington out. Then he just sits across from Pooch and stares not uttering a single word. His unnerving stare makes Pooch talk a lot, then stare, then eventually freak out. It's perfectly acted and really well shot. Imperioli's eyes speak volumes. Pooch tells his life story and the rest of the crew starts getting antsy as it has been hours of Fitch's quiet staring. Eventually Pooch confesses, and Fitch walks out. He took the Oxy, but didn't kill the guys. The priest at the basketball court can (and does) corroborate his story.

Washington is in a coffee house when his phone rings, non-"Baby Love". It's Fitch, and he starts telling the rookie how he lost control in the interview while he's walking around with his own cup of joe looking for half and half. He lectures him on the importance of asking for help. He hangs up and then informs Washington matter of factly that they are in a former porno shop.

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