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Gay In The Water

The Polar Express. Yep, I'm creeped out, too.

Kent kitchen the next morning. Clark comes down the stairs with a little spring in his step. He got the handjob! MamaKent, baking, says she put Clark's football equipment together but can't find his jersey. Clark says it's in the barn; he forgot it up there. Clark talks about Chloe. He tells MamaKent that she came on to him, pretty strongly. He stresses that nothing happened (uh huh.); MamaKent thought they were just friends. Clark says Chloe did a 180 on him. Forget what I said. It was blowjobs after all. Hey, Wing, is all this blowjob talk going to get us mad Google hits up in here? ["More than all of Queer As Folk." -- Wing Chun] MamaKent suggests that maybe Chloe's decided life's too short to be Smallville's punching bag. A near-death Underground Railroad experience will do that to you. MamaKent asks about Clark's feelings. He says he's not over Lana yet. You...what?! Oh good Christ. I think the stomach acid just burned another hole in my belly. "Sometimes I think I never will be," Clark says. Grrr. Mylanta, save me! MamaKent says there's somebody out there for Clark. Clark asks what he should do about Chloe. MamaKent says if he doesn't feel the same way he needs to be honest. Bo Duke walks in with a hearty "Hell-o!" As soon as Bo walks in, MamaKent rushes to get to The Talon. Is she avoiding Bo? She grabs her basket of goodies and takes off. Bo chuckles and asks Clark how football's going. Clark flips through a folder (stage business!) and hesitates as he grabs a football on the table. Clark says he's been given a hard time because he's starting and that they're missing his passes. On the football field, too. Bo pours a morning cup of platitude: "Nobody said it was gonna be easy." Mmm, freshly brewed, good to the last drop. Clark says it's frustrating because he could score every time. Bo lectures him again about not using his powers to cheat. Clark's still frustrated. Bo says Clark needs to be a leader, even if everybody else doesn't think he deserves it. He says the same thing happened to him. Clark thought they worshipped Bo. No, that's the cows. Bo says when he was a sophomore, he was made starting quarterback and the seniors didn't like it. "What'd you do?" Clark asks. Bo says he earned their respect. Way to be specific with the advice, Dad.

Lana at school. She's wearing a black top. She's looking at a note written and seems annoyed. She finds Jason in the hallway. He smiles and kisses her as she flops around like a scared fish. She asks what he's doing. She has a note that he sent for her the way kings sent for servant girls in days of yore. The note caused it to be announced to her Advanced Lit class that the assistant coach wanted to see her. Jason strokes her hair as Lana recoils. She calls it a strange outburst and says she doesn't want to cost him his job. Jason says his job doesn't matter and he wants to make her happy. Still right in the middle of the hall, Lana says she loves that. She looks around worriedly and says they should discuss it later. He asks her to come to practice after school and hang out by the sidelines, even for just ten minutes. He says he just wants to see her. Lana looks at him sweetly.

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