A Horse Of A Different Color

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"Here's A Revelation. You're Idiots."

The sun is just coming up when Colin Hanks awakens (they're presumably in Erin's apartment) in bed, alone. He sleepily gets up and heads into the kitchen (by the way, this place is awfully big for a young waitress, not that that's going to be relevant for very long), and finds Erin seated on the floor, bound and gagged and obviously terrified. EJO tells Colin Hanks he must have known this would happen; Colin Hanks begs EJO to let her go, but he tells Colin Hanks he should have thought of that before he "defiled" her. Again, something is very off, as the girl has not looked EJO's way or given any acknowledgement that he's there, not to mention the more pedestrian question of how EJO tracked the place down and broke in. Of course, if EJO is a figment, none of this can really be happening completely as depicted, so it seems pointless to get bogged down in details. I mean, if he tied her up himself, Colin Hanks would have to be completely DID to be surprised by the situation in the kitchen; again, no matter what the reveal, I doubt the details are going to add up. Anyway, EJO says she's part of God's plan now, which, I have no doubt is great for her.

In the hospital, with Harrison asleep, Dexter petulantly tells Harry that his prayer didn't mean anything, and I don't really know where to start with that, but Harry tells him he did make a pact. Not that he promised anything specific that we know of, but whatever, we haven't heard the last of this, obvs. Deb then calls with news of a crime scene in Coral Gables -- a gardener at the Botanical Gardens found an alpha and an omega outside the greenhouse. Dexter isn't sure he should leave, but Jamie tells him it'll be fine -- Harrison probably won't even wake up until he's back. Dexter is convinced...

...and after a driving DVO you don't really need to know about, Deb leads Dexter to the tableau -- the alpha and omega, painted on the ground in blood and surrounded by fish. Masuka jauntily proclaims it the "Catch Of The Day," like NOT NOW MASUKA, before Dexter notices some blood on a nearby plant, and nice police work everyone else. I mean, I could see them not catching that particular bit of blood, but given that the two other scenes involved CORPSES you'd think they'd figure this isn't all there is. Dexter follows the trail of blood to the greenhouse and finds evidence that it leads inside, so he, Deb, and Batista enter, with Quinn and two uniforms following closely behind. And I have to tell you, all nitpicks aside, this part was crazy scary in both lead-up and payoff. Deb's the first to see Erin, strung up and gagged in another room, and when I saw she was alive I knew it was going to be worse than if she was dead. She shakes her head violently and gives some muffled yells in a clear attempt to dissuade them from coming closer, and my one problem with the scene -- and it's a big one -- is that no one clued in to that. Her meaning is exceedingly plain: DON'T APPROACH. As we get a better look at her, we see she's wearing some sort of nasty studded collar, and she appears to be hooked up to some sort of pulley system. Anyway, Deb gets her meaning and looks down to see a telltale trip wire, but even as she yells a warning she's too late, as the stupid female uniform, edging ever closer, has set the thing off, releasing a mechanism that drops the girl and, I think, forces some of the studs into her neck, instantly killing her while spreading her arms out, whereupon you can see she's got angel wings attached to them. And I don't care how jaded you are - that was VIOLENTLY disturbing.

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