A Horse Of A Different Color

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"Here's A Revelation. You're Idiots."

Dexter crosses the police line at the crime scene, and his eyes go wider than I remember when he gets his first look at the Four Horsemen Crafts Project, even letting out a "Jesus Christ!" Ordinarily, I'd call that heavy-handed in the context of his season arc, but I'm going to overrule myself in this particular case. Don't worry -- it's not going to be my last chance. Dexter finds Deb and asks what's with the "Wicked Rodeo," which is a good one, but given the subject matter I'm sorry that no one's taking the opportunity to proclaim it the "Worst. Ren Fair. Ever." Deb replies that she has no idea -- someone sewed body parts to mannequins and then strapped them to horses. "I mean... what the fuck?" Again, I'd make a joke about Deb becoming more decorous in her new position, again, I'll pass because of how justified her salty language is in this particular situation, and again, it will not be my last opportunity to broach the subject. Dexter, with kind of way too much wonder in his voice -- not that Deb ever notices these things -- says that the scale of the spectacle kind of reminds him of..."Brian, my brother," DVO supplies, before Deb blows up DVO's spot and says the same thing, although she refers to him as Rudy, the name she knew. Dexter apologizes for mentioning a memory he suspects is still very painful for her, but surprisingly, Deb takes it in stride, saying she was thinking it too, especially given the -- "Imagination," DVO offers, before Deb continues, "Brutality" that went into the kills. That use of DVO I have no problem with. Funny is always welcome, especially on this show where it isn't exactly easy to come by.

Ignoring Batista and Quinn's attempts to get her attention, she takes Dexter closer to one of the horses so he can see the alpha and omega symbol on its head -- the same one that was carved into the stomach of the snake victim. Quinn then calls to Deb again, and annoyed, she turns and snaps at him, but it turns out that he, Batista, and Masuka are waiting to report to her, as crime-scene protocol dictates. Shaking off any embarrassment at her mistake, she has them proceed; Batista tells her a nearby stable reported four horses missing a couple days earlier, Quinn reports that Mounted Patrol is on the way, presumably to wrangle the animals, and Masuka says that his preliminary analysis suggests the body parts all came from the same victim. I guess it's good there weren't Eight Horsemen Of The Apocalypse, then. They all then stand around dumbly wondering what the killer could be trying to tell them, and I'm sorry, FOUR HORSES? ALPHA AND OMEGA? Have none of these people read anything, ever? These are not obscure references, even for someone who's never even heard of the Bible. I think we know Batista is or was a religious man, no? On top of that, Masuka has surely read X-Men which had a storyline involving not only the Four Horsemen but also their master Apocalypse, and I'm pretty sure the show has referenced the idea that Dexter has studied serial-killer lore, which I can only imagine is rife with End of Days stuff. So it's really not believable that New Guy, Mike Anderson, has to tell them that the killer is talking about the end of the world. Quinn is beyond hostile to Anderson from the get-go, and I'd wonder about him being even more dickish than usual if this weren't the show most obviously telegraphing that Anderson and Deb will be knocking boots within three episodes. And good for Deb -- Billy Brown, last seen by me (and no one else) playing Death Row Reynolds on Lights Out, is, not to put too fine a point on it, smoking. Anderson goes on that the killer is showing them a scene from the Book of Revelations, Deb gives marching orders, and then Dexter makes one of those super-excited faces that everyone passes off as just "deeply weird" instead of "serial killer in our midst."

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