A Horse Of A Different Color

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"Here's A Revelation. You're Idiots."

DVO seriously is acting like he's learning for the first time that religious imagery and writings can be disturbing. Having ignored religion is one thing, but not having the slightest idea of, say, history is something else. He went to college, right? Deb then pops out in her new generic business attire, pops a beer, and bitches about her new job for a while until Jamie breezes through to run some laundry downstairs, as Harrison apparently had some sort of low-end blowout, and if Deb were smart she'd hold him for a while so she'd have an excuse not to wear the new clothes tomorrow. Dexter picks up Harrison sweetly, but clunks all over the moment by saying that he guesses "there are some things that even daddies can't fix." Harrison doesn't editorialize about that line by taking another dump, but I kind of wish he would.

Dexter's at the garage, and Mos Def tells him he's giving him the friends and family rate, and Dexter barely reacts to that, which is the best evidence the show has ever displayed that he's not like other people. I mean, this is discounted auto repair we're talking about. The kid who was baptized the other day ("Nick," in case it's ever relevant) blows through on his way to computer class (he's going to be building a "bomb website" soon, yo), and Dexter marvels in spite of himself at how Mos Def takes care of his guys. Mos Def counters that God is taking care of them, prompting Dexter to pick up Mos Def's Bible and observe how heavily Mos Def has annotated it. Mos Def tells Dexter that every time he reads it, he finds something new, and Dexter admits that he just started reading it, taking care to add, "For work." Heh. Mos Def realizes that this is about the Four Horsemen killer, and shakes his head at the work of the devil he takes it to be. He goes on that people use God as an excuse for a lot of things, but just because he believes in "crazy bullshit" (THAT'S ONE WORD FOR IT!) doesn't make his faith less real. And I know I mocked that line in the recaplet, but upon further consideration, if Dexter didn't even know there's crazy shit in the Bible, no lesson about religion is likely to be too remedial. Mos Def goes on to ask Dexter if he's ever had a problem so big he couldn't deal with it, and Dexter admits that he has, so Mos Def asks who he turned to. Dexter: "My dad." Aw, although his "help" is certainly unconventional. Mos Def, in light of what we learn later, does a nice, subtle piece of business as he has to take a moment before recovering to say that Dexter is lucky, and blessed. "Faith, man. You put it in the wrong things? Fuck you up." Good scene, there.

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