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Meeting Miguel

They drive Mario home. He gets out of the car to find that the trees in his yard have been trimmed. NOT THE TREES! He knows, for some reason, that they told King that Mario had been singing. She says she's sorry that she dragged his family into this and she'll do what she can to protect them. He says she won't be able to do anything, but she says she can't try unless he tells her where King is. He resists initially, but says that King has a building under the highway that he pays for in cash. She tells him to go inside and lock his doors and she'll call for a patrol car. She picks up Quinn in her car and they're on their way.

We see King walking along the highway, approaching a building. He's putting a key into the lock when a car starts speeding up. It's Deb and Quinn. King runs off, but Deb beats on the door. Quinn decides to "fuck restraint" and runs into the building with his car, knocking down the wall. They find Anton inside and he looks pretty bad. He says, "You found me." She says that he can't get away from her that easily. I, for one, and embarrassingly relieved that he's not dead.

So, Dex is checking this blood, and whistling "Camptown Races." I got a cool email from a reader, Robert, who tells me that this is derived from a movie called The Stepfather where the killer hums that tune before he kills anyone. I did not know that.

Miguel goes into Maria's office. He offers to take her home, but she says she can't go home. There's too much silence. He says that she doesn't want to go home and think about what Ellen went through, which makes her start crying. Thanks for the cheer-me-up, Miguel. He reminds her that Ellen's gone, but he still has other friends. He says that she's got him. She sobs on him as he has a really weird frozen look on his face.

And...the blood is not Freebo's. It's cow blood. Dexter VO's that he didn't create a monster, he was used by one. I hope that's a comfort. Dexter stands slowly and picks up a stool and throws it through the window of his office. Then, he proceeds to trash the HELL out of the place. This is hardcore. He even smashes a glass cabinet with his hands. Finally, he screams, "MIGUEL!!" It's a dream. I thought I was watching another show for a second -- the one where Dexter feels things and reacts. Miguel pops his head into Dexter's office and confirms that they will play 9 holes of golf the next day. Dexter becomes all smiles and says, "You bet." Then, he watches Miguel walk away. He VO's that tomorrow, maybe the next day, he'll let Miguel know how he feels. It's something he won't have to fake, because what he feels right now is real. I think he may be having his first authentically warm-blooded response to something.

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