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Meeting Miguel

Meanwhile, poor Anton is strapped to a chair and is missing large swaths of skin from his back. He is hyperventilating and telling someone that they have to listen to him. And, who is that someone? Why, it's George Washington King! He's wiping off a big giant knife and walking menacingly towards Anton. Anton says that if he knew where Freebo was, he would tell him. The cops were using him as bait. This seems ineffective so Anton tries a new tactic -- he does know where Freebo is! He can show him! Still not working, let's want money? Freebo owes you money? Anton can get you some money! King leans down and tells him that he doesn't want Anton's money -- he loaned Freebo that money and this is about respect. Uh, so if he loaned that money to Freebo, he must have met him, right? Does this guy really think that someone like Anton would feel scared of that douchebag or otherwise obligated to protect him? George Washington King needs to wise up, or else he's just going to be skinning people for nothing all of the time. Wasted energy there. King tells Anton that, after the first cut, he had all night to think about his questions. After this most recent cut, he'll only have an hour. No rest for the cutted. As he leaves, Anton cries like a baby, which is sad.

At the station, Dexter arrives to find Maria trying to reach Ellen on the phone. She says that she was surprised that Ellen missed the motion hearing this morning -- Chicky Hines was surprised as well. Hmm. Dexter looks concerned. Maria asks her to call her and let her know that she's alright.

It's Harry vision time. Harry points out that Miguel was missing last night and now Ellen's missing, which could be a coincidence... Dexter seems really disturbed and walks out of his office.

At King's house, Quinn tells Deb that policemen have been on patrol all night and there's no sign of him. Deb says that something in his house must give clues about where he is and Quinn replies that the warrant will be there soon. It sounds like Deb doesn't want to be restrained. She goes around his house to his backyard and sees a locked work shed. She freaks out and starts calling for Anton and banging on the door of the shed. Quinn says that he doesn't hear anything. Deb, full of adrenaline and terror, says that she does hear something and that means probable cause to search. He reminds her that the warrant is on its way and she responds, "Right. Restraint." Simultaneously, she grabs some hedge clippers and breaks open the lock on the door. Quinn is not happy. Anton's not in the shed. Quinn reminds her that she's not the only person working this case.

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