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Meeting Miguel

Dexter calls Miguel, who is in his car. He asks him how the motion hearing went, which Miguel says was continued. It's good news for him. He says that Dexter doesn't have to keep checking on him, but why don't they meet for lunch. He's thought of some more projects. Dexter VO's that he's unsure about killing again so soon. Dexter says that he has too much work to do and Miguel says that he heard that The Skinner grabbed another person. Before he hangs up, Miguel says that he should let him know if he can help.

A call center has been set up in the station to accept tips regarding Anton's and King's whereabouts. Barbara is one of the people taking calls. Maria tells Angel that Anton's picture was given to the media an hour ago (it looks effective too, lots of calls are coming in. It's Jerry Lewis up in there). Angel says he is going to question Mario again, but Maria says he's already in an interview room. She's actually going to work on him a little bit. She tells him that she's tired of standing behind the glass wall of her office and wants to help.

Vince is talking to Barbara about her work in Vice. He's interested in pre-op transsexuals. He's heard, and he's asking her for confirmation, that their "junk still works, but nothing comes out." All class, that Masuka. He says that he's heard it's called "slug fucking." Seriously. She confirms that what he has heard is true. Angel has caught this conversation and is none too happy. He approaches them and Barbara gives him a kiss as she tells him that she'd heard their department needed extra bodies. She gets another call and Angel calls Vince away from her. He asks what he's doing and Vince says that he's helping out -- this is a way for him to meet "chicks" from other departments. Angel tells him that Barbara is his chick and he doesn't want Vince talking his filth at her. He says that Barbara is the person who brought up the topic, which Angel doesn't seem to want to believe. Vince says that Barbara is like the "Wikipedia of Perv." He says that he needs to get a girlfriend from Vice, because Barbara is awesome. Vince walks back to Barbara leaving Angel confused -- which is funny. If he has a problem with her being a perv master, I don't know. He'll look like a fool.

Deb is freaked out that they can't find any evidence, when suddenly King drives up. Quinn tells Deb that they need his cooperation and she's still not wanting to be restrained. King asks calmly what they are doing at his house. Quinn shows their warrant to search his home. He asks what they're looking for and Deb says it's more like "who." She asks him where he's been all evening and he says that he works nights. Quinn asks if he would like to come to the station to answer questions and he (with maddening calm) says that he will be happy to answer any questions right there. Deb's still playing bad cop and asks him if he's got somewhere he needs to be -- he reminds her that the trees keep growing. She tells him that they'll wait, so he asks Quinn if he's under arrest. Quinn replies that he's not, but they can hold him for questioning. "For the day," replies King -- still so calm. Deb asks him if he's some sort of lawyer or something, "no wait, I forgot, you're a fucking tree trimmer." You catch more flies with honey, Deb. Seriously though, rein it in. He replies that he moved to this country for basic liberties and he knows his rights. Great. Quinn leads him to a police car.

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