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Meeting Miguel

At the station, Maria is questioning Mario. She's telling him that George King is hanging him out to dry. Dexter is watching the video from another room and VO's that there is real fear in Mario's eyes. On another screen, Dexter watches Quinn and Deb questioning King. Quinn guesses that King would be the right age to have been in the Contras vs. Sandinistas conflict in his homeland. King responds that he learned respect in the military. Deb wonders if he learned any torture techniques, say, rendition? She's really not making this easy for anyone. He says "No Ma'am" he doesn't know anything about torture. Deb recognizes that they did teach him respect in the military -- did he show any respect to Wendell when he tore his skin off? Or Anton when he bashed him over the head? Yeah, this is not working. Quinn suggests that she get some coffee. Luckily, she listens.

Outside the questioning room, Deb joins Dexter, who is still watching the interviews on video. She says that King looks harmless and Dex says, "They usually do." Dexter says that Deb should follow her intuition -- he believes via one of his "creepy" hunches that King has held life and death in his hands and enjoys it. She wonders how to get info out of him and Dex says that (just a hunch) he's heard that guys like King have a, how do you say, CODE? It seems that King is offended by disrespect, so maybe she should approach him with deference. She mulls over that for a second and I can't tell if she's like, "Yeah!" or "Hell no." He tells her to think about it and leaves her when he sees Maria.

Once he has caught up with Maria, he tells her that he heard her talking about Ellen being possibly sick. He read something about a stomach flu going around and blah, blah, lie, just need to find out about Ellen. She says that she still hasn't heard from Ellen, and she's a little worried. Dex VO's that he's worried too.

He arrives at Ellen's home office and VO's that, if she were sick, this is where she would be. He finds her car still in her driveway. He says she could have gone for a long walk, borrowed a friend's car, or maybe she's in a coma in a hospital after an accident. He gets into her home and VO's that there are no signs of foul play, however, Harry taught him to be suspicious. He sprays something on the floor and then flashes a light over it. Traces of blood everywhere. He says out loud, to himself, that Miguel wouldn't do this. They had agreed that Ellen Wolf was innocent. Meanwhile, Harry is holding the hand of dead Ellen and waving "hello." Dexter resists. It was just blood and Miguel wouldn't even know how to dispose of a body -- unless...he buries it in an open grave. Harry uses Ellen's dead hand to make a thumbs-up sign. You know, as the season has progressed, it looks like Dexter is starting to agree with dead Harry a little more. Granted, it's all in his head, but still. It's nice to see the father and son coming back together.

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