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Meeting Miguel

Rita is preparing for an open house when someone comes in. It's Miguel and he has flowers. Rita tells him that Syl wasn't up for working today, so she's staging the open house for her. Miguel tells her she's a good friend, then he tells her that she should have the flowers. Nice effort there, Prado. Rita thinks about it then tells him she will make sure Syl gets the flowers. He turns to leave and Rita stops him. She is so bold as to tell him (nicely) that he's an idiot for taking Syl for granted. She's still the beautiful exciting woman that he married, and he'd better recognize. He says that he's not having an affair and she replies that it may true, but he violated her trust. He says that his world is falling apart a little bit with Oscar, Ramon, and his cases. Rita reminds him that the same things are falling apart for Syl -- she is his partner. He says, "You're a wise person, aren't you?" She says that she's learned from her many mistakes -- Miguel calls it insight. He pulls out two chairs and says that he will follow her lead -- she should point the way.

Deb enters the interview room occupied by King. With great tenderness, she says that she knows that respect is very important to him. He concedes that it is. She also says that she knows that he feels that people need to earn his respect. "Yes Ma'am." Then, Deb loses her shit. She says, "Well, I feel like you've earned this." She knocks him out of his chair and pins him on the floor. Carpenter has got some serious physical presence. I have no problem at all believing that she could take this guy. He's frightened. She says, "What's the matter, little gardener, huh? Do you feel disrespected? You'll get used to it in prison, because your foreman Mario is next door and he is spilling his guts!" I don't think this is what Dexter had in mind, but it is awesome. King is suddenly no longer engaged with what Deb is saying. She says that she can see he is positive that Mario is afraid of him as she pulls his head to her like he's a rag doll. This actor playing King is pretty exceptional too. He can be a little hammy, but this is good. "What did you do to him?" she screams. "What did you do to Anton?" I'm serious, people. Show me some more exciting supporting work from an actress this year. This shit is good and she should get an award. Not that that's the most important thing, but I want it to happen. Quinn bursts in the room and screams for her to get off of King. She says her requisite "Fuck" and leaves the room.

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