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Meeting Miguel

We see a highway and continue to hear highway noises as Anton screams for help from some sort of dark shed. Poor guy looks like he's in tons of pain. Outside the station, Quinn follows a stomping Deb. He tells her that they're supposed to be working together, which is difficult with her going off half-cocked. How is he supposed to trust her? She thinks that's an unbelievable question, but I have to say that, right now, the things that she has heard about Quinn are not quite as damning as the things that he's actually witnessed with her in regards to this case. He says that she's lucky Angel wasn't watching the monitors. She says that she's thinking about Anton and he replies that he wants to find him just as badly as she does. She shoots back that if he cared anything about Anton, he wouldn't have made him his "fake CI." He says that she was too busy boning him to provide him with protective surveillance. Wow, this is getting thick. She says that he's crossing a line -- which is kind of funny since she keeps bringing up that he like killed a cop or something. That's a line too, right? He says that she knew Anton was in town and she says that she "told him to call it in." Eh, not sure I know exactly what she means. Call in a disturbance? Or just call in for surveillance. Anyhoo, he says that Deb should have called it in. At this point, she kind of cracks a little bit and says that he's right. It's her fault. He softens too and says that he used Anton -- it's his fault too. Deb says that they only have a few more hours that they can hold onto King -- Quinn suggests that they get back to work.

Here's Dexter at the cemetery in coveralls with a shovel. He VO's that there are four scheduled burials today (in all of Miami? Healthy town), so there are four places for him to check. Ellen's not in the first one. He VO's that, you know, that blood might not even belong to Ellen. It could be a client's blood or a previous owner's. No luck. She's in the second grave. Dexter is stunned. He VO's that he taught him how to do this -- he created this. He apologizes to Ellen and covers her face with soil and exits the grave. Harry is whistling "Camptown Races" and shoveling a grave. He tells Dex that Miguel is making his own choices. Dex says that Ellen didn't deserve this and that Harry can say it ("I told you so."). It doesn't matter now, says Harry. Because there will be plenty more where Ellen came from, then we see that behind Harry there are many open graves. "No there won't," replies Dexter as he grabs his shovel and starts moving briskly. He calls Miguel and asks him if he can still do lunch.

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