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Meeting Miguel

He can. They're dining on the water and Miguel asks Dexter what he thinks of King as The Skinner expert. He says that he has to go to the station later to decide whether they are filing charges against King or not. He asks Dexter if he thinks that King is the guy. "He's the guy." Miguel says that if the law doesn't get King, he and Dexter can. In fact, he could have King back out on the street in a matter of hours. In a profile close-up, Dexter asks him if he will need help with this one or if it will be another "solo project." The camera pans quickly to Miguel, who doesn't say anything. Dexter reminds him that they agreed to leave Ellen alone. Miguel says that technically they agreed not to kill her together and they didn't. Wow. "Technically" Miguel agrees that's bullshit. He didn't tell Dexter because he knew he wouldn't approve. Dexter says that Ellen wasn't guilty and Miguel says that they have different definitions of "guilty." Dexter insists that Miguel got rid of her because she was in his way. What about serving justice? Miguel asks if that's really Dexter's concern. He says that he doesn't need to lie to him and Dexter says that's what he thought. He says that he should have told Dexter -- he abused his trust, which wasn't easy to earn. Dexter is immovable right now. Miguel reminds him that he gave Dexter the shirt that links him to Freebo's death. He wishes he had another way to show Dexter how important this partnership is to him. Dex says that he would take a little remorse, but Miguel says that he doesn't feel any. He will once he gets caught -- oh no, Miguel says he didn't leave any evidence. People will just think one of her scumbag clients got her. "Right. Just another lowlife who beat and stabbed an innocent woman." Bullseye. Miguel stabs his lunch and points his finger at Dexter. He sternly says that they have different definitions of guilty. He says that this is the nature of friendship -- when they disagree, they'll go their own ways. Dexter says that there will be no more individual projects and Miguel says that he's a big boy. Wow, this guy got out of control quickly, huh? Miguel says that Dexter will eventually trust that he knows what he's doing, then he leaves. Dexter VO's that Miguel thinks he's untouchable, but it's time that he learned that he's not. This is gonna be good. We see Dexter, back in coveralls, go back to the cemetery.

At the station, Deb is watching a monitor that isn't even on when Maria enters the room. Deb says to Maria that King is a ghost. No security cameras implicate King at all. Maria says that means they'll need to get it out of King -- she asks if she's going to let Quinn get the confession alone. Deb replies that her time is best spent away from other people. Maria says that a good friend of hers told her that she put a wall up around her. She thought she did it to make herself a better cop, but it didn't make her better. Hmm, that's the most human she's ever been with Deb.

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