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Meeting Miguel

Back at the cemetery, some kids are playing around. We see them stop and stare into an open grave -- I think we know what they see. At the station, Dexter VO's that people think of Miguel as justice. He thinks of him as a guy who is about to learn a hard lesson.

Angel says that the tire tracks near Anton's dumpster match the tires on King's truck, but Miguel says there are thousands of trucks like that in the area. Angel adds that trimmed trees were at every crime scene -- Miguel points out that the trees at his house just got trimmed. They point out that Mario is petrified of King and Miguel says it's a guy who is afraid of his boss. Not unusual. Finally, Deb says, "He's the fucking guy!" Classy. Angel clears his throat to let her know not to go further. Everybody stares at her, so she adds, "Sir."

Maria takes Miguel into another room. She tells us that they need his help and she reminds him that he owes them for helping Ramon. They need to keep George King there. Miguel says that he can charge him for assaulting a palm tree. Um, yeah, so we're trying to find this guy who is getting skinned right now, OK, Miguel? She says that he has his ways of being able to get people "lost in the system" and he doesn't seem too happy to have that distinction. He says that he will do everything in his power for Maria.

Dexter is watching Angel take a phone call from his office. When he hangs up, he waves for Dex, who says under his breath, "Showtime." Hey, that's the network! And, don't ever forget it. There's another body. They're going to check it out. Angel tells Quinn and Deb to stay with King. Deb asks if the body is Anton and he says that it's a female at the cemetery. Miguel hears this and it looks like every muscle in his body tenses.

At the cemetery, Ellen Wolf is in rough shape. Angel asks what the cause of death was and Vince says that it could have been from the severe beating, strangulation, and multiple stab wounds that she received. Ouch. "Whoever did this was not a fan," says Angel. Vince says he thinks the killer is a pro, because the body dump was very clean. Dex VO's that his lesson plan does not include Miguel getting caught.

Maria runs up and Angel holds her. She's emotional and doesn't want to believe that it's Ellen. When she sees the body, she's stunned. Angel takes her for a walk. Dexter says, aloud, that too many people are affected when the innocent die. He VO's that that is the lesson he wants Miguel to learn. Here's Miguel now. Dexter VO's that no one is untouchable (and he learned that the hard way). Now, it's Miguel's turn to learn. He sees Dexter and approaches him. He says that the police won't find any evidence and Dexter says that he knows. So, Dexter was just making a point? Follow the code or else? Dex responds that there are a lot of other subtleties, but if that's what he gleaned from the lesson, fine. He says to Dex, "You're a wise person, aren't you?" OK, I'm having a flashback moment here. Dexter thinks he's being facetious, but he says that Dexter has insight. I think my DVR is broken. I could swear I've already seen this part. It's trippy. He says he would be a fool not to follow Dexter's lead. Wait, this guy is just a total bullshitter. The TV is fine, thank God. He says, "I think you're gonna save my life," to Dexter, who wonders via VO if this is for real. Miguel leaves Dexter so that he can make a statement to the press. He wouldn't want anyone to get any ideas about killing lawyers. Miguel's face seems super cold right now, but I don't think that Dexter sees that. He just VO's, "Lesson learned, it seems."

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