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Courting or Stalking

Now Dexter is in a white suit in a white room. He splits a dummy's head open with a sledgehammer and blood splatters everywhere. His mind is elsewhere though. He VO's that Miguel won't be happy to hear that Ramon is throwing tantrums. He compares the blood splatter pattern he just created to a photo of the crime scene. He VO's that he should call Rita with an anonymous tip to marry him because the other one went so well. Deb enters and thinks the scene is cool. He throws her a white suit. She says, "I don't need a giant condom, I need your splatter report on Jack Rice." She wants to be done with the weeping fiancé. He suggests raw emotion is not her forte. What does that mean? Dexter says it's not his either. She says it's easier for Quinn. Is he nicer? He tells her that emotional intelligence has more influence on success than any factor that can be measured on an IQ test. She asks if he's calling her an emotional idiot. He tells her that if that's the case, he's an emotional vegetable.

Deb suits up and, per Dexter's instruction, hits a fresh dummy head with a sledgehammer. Blood everywhere. "Fuckin' A, Dex!" He says 6 foot is the wrong size for the perpetrator of the Rice murder given the pattern of the splatter. The splatter in the crime scene would be more like one made by someone Fiona's size. Or "weep bag" as Deb refers to her. Looks like the game is over.

In an interview room with Quinn, Deb asks Fiona if she and Jack were planning a big wedding. Yes, because Jack had a lot of friends. Funny, because Deb says she went through his address book; none of his friends knew her. She says that she and Jack kept to themselves. Deb shows a pic of the two -- she asks if Jack saw it before she killed him. Fiona looks confused. Deb is like, um, it's photo shopped. A good job of photo shopping, but still a photo shop. Deb has a guess -- Fiona snuck into Jack's house to give the photo to him, got caught, he tried to throw her out, she killed him. Deb believes (and gets louder as she imparts this belief) that she saw the burglary reports on TV and copied the sketch shown and broke in with a crow bar as well. Fiona covers her ears. Deb says they didn't know each other. "Ever say anything other than 'One coffee to go?'" Quinn gets in Deb's face and says, "This is over." Deb is stunned as he tells her to leave the room.

Dex and Deb watch on video, as Quinn pulls a confession out of her gently. "Can you believe this?" she asks. "Yeah, she's so convincing," replies Dex. He's more concerned with Fiona's immersion into her "role." Deb says that she's going to kick Quinn's "Cadillac-driving ass." On the tape, Fiona says that, before Jack, her life was an unanswered question. The first time Jack came into the café, she felt it. They were connected. Deb says that the only actor in that room was Quinn. Then, she gets a text. Something tells me she might respond a little more warmly this time.

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