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Courting or Stalking

Dex VO's that if Fiona can be that convincing about someone she didn't know -- he should be able to convince Rita. And others. So they don't know he's a killer? I guess.

Maria knocks on the door of a colorfully decorated apartment. Calls for "Ellen." Ellen, Chicky Hines' lawyer comes out with cupcakes sent to her from a client. They have ganache frosting, which convinces Maria to take one. There are lots of pastries on this show. She tells her that she's there regarding the Chicky Hines case. Ellen says that it was not the justice system's finest hour. She presents the info that would exonerate Chicky. She is really going for it isn't she? Ellen says that in the more than 20 years she has been an attorney, a cop has never given her a "get out of jail free" card. Especially not a cop with a history with the ADA that put my guy away. Well, sure, that's pretty specific. It probably won't happen again either. Maria says this is not about Miguel, but about doing what's right. This is interesting. Maria is so ambitious that sometimes I forget (or just doubt) that she's interested in justice.

Ellen asks if Prado knows she's doing this. She says she guesses he'll find out. Ellen tells her to wear old clothes, because the shit will fly. Actually, wear that pantsuit. It'll give you a good reason to throw it away. Ellen pulls out a bottle of Scotch. At first she resists, but then she relents. She'll have two fingers.

Dex is at a phone booth speaking with a southern dialect. He says he saw Freebo. He agrees to meet at a bar and tells the guy to order him a rum and coke. He VO's you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink. Unless the water is at his favorite bar and you order his favorite drink and keep him waiting. And he's a drunk.

Deb gets Quinn's attention. He says Fiona confessed. She says she killed him to preserve their love. He tells her "good work." He offers to buy her a drink and she tells him to kiss her ass. She tells him that when they're playing good cop/bad cop, let her know they're playing. He says he had a hunch from the beginning, but didn't tell her because he didn't want her to blow it. "So fuck you," she responds. He says she only has one tool, a hammer. She has no poker face. Maybe yours is too good. Really though, if there's something there that she should learn he should tell her what it was.

Dex is at Miguel's office. He says Miguel was right about Ramon and they should tell him. Ramon is putting his career at risk with all of the stress that he's going through. Dex asks if they can trust him. Ramon is in a lot of pain, he adds. Miguel calls Ramon per Dex's request and he's drunk and cursing, so Miguel hangs up. They go to the bar. Ramon is there and very drunk and says Miguel turned his back on Oscar. He says Miguel shouldn't be talking to a stranger (Dex) about their problems. He stumbles and bumps into Dex, but says for Dex not to touch him. I'm so glad I don't act like that when I'm drunk. Handsy, yes. Fighty, no. Miguel tells Dex to step outside but he stops and talks to a bouncer and points at Ramon and says he touched a girl inappropriately and has a gun. Wow. From outside, we see a fight break out. Ramon throws a punch and is restrained.

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