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Courting or Stalking

Yuki waiting for Deb in a car parked next to Deb's car. How did she score that parking space? Deb says she won't be a fucking rat. Yuki knows about the Rice case. She read the report that says Quinn cracked the case on his own. She wonders why an ambitious cop would let it be reported like that. Deb says she wrote the report herself and Quinn got the confession, so it was his "get." Or he used her, says Yuki. She says Quinn is just thinking about how things can be good for him while everyone else thinks he's such a great guy. Deb, clearly thinking about all of this, starts her car and drives.

Dex brings tea to Miguel on the beach. He thanks Dex for coming. He says he and his brothers used to play on that beach. They were always there for each other. He says he lost Oscar to drugs, long before he was killed. That's what I've been saying! Now he's losing Ramon. He has to stop fooling himself. Ramon can't be trusted. In fact, he can only trust one person now. "Yourself," agrees Dexter. Uh, no, Dex, he's talking about you. He knows trust doesn't come easy to Dex. "Is it that obvious?" He can tell Dex keeps his secrets to himself. It's a burden. He's used to having a brother to share the load. Dex is lost in thought, but seems to maybe be buying this stuff.

Dexter VO's that Fiona wanted a specific life so badly she made it up and played all of the roles herself. He wonders if he could become real. Rita is cooking, and Dexter comes in. She's surprised to see him. It's not his night with them. She asks if everything's alright because he looks really freaked out. He says his life has always been an unanswered question. A string of days and nights -- waiting for something. Cody asks Astor why he's acting so weird. She says she doesn't know. He tells Rita they're connected. He feels her wherever he is. And the kids. He says she's what makes him real. Rita starts crying. This is so much better than Jerry Maguire. He wants to go out for banana splits, replant the dying lemon tree, and never wants to miss pizza night. That's how he knows he wants to be married. He tells the kids they're his family. She says they will marry him. He VO's that most actors toil in obscurity, but if you work, you might just be cast in the role of a lifetime. Dexter looks half content and half terrified.

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