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Courting or Stalking

Suddenly, this kid whines to Miguel that Astor won't let him play in the cabin. I guess that is Ramon's kid. Dexter says he'll handle it and goes to Astor who is squished into this little playhouse. Dex tells her that Carlos would like a turn in the cabin (why would you make a playhouse that only fit one person? Anti-social? Yes), but she doesn't care. Dexter reminds her that sharing is one of "the rules." He's already teaching her how to catch a man? This world is so sad. She barks at Dexter that he's not her father and Rita demands that she apologize. She stomps away and sulks and Dexter seems really perplexed. Rita says that she's worried, with the new baby, that she won't be special anymore. She just needs some attention.

As Rita goes after her, Astor stomps into the house in slo-mo. Dexter VO's that she's auditioning for the roles of wounded child, sullen preteen, and oppressed youth. He says he can't force his way into Rita's life. He's going to take a cue from Astor and get her attention. But, for now, he has to go to his day job. Time to make the donuts.

Dexter photographs a murder scene. There's a guy on the floor of a home and blood on the walls. We see a woman covered in blood on a couch talking with the police. She's all catatonic as those covered in blood often are. That's real love, VO's Dex. Because she's so devastated. She's being bandaged -- her knee got hurt. Her name is Fiona Kemp. Deb asks if she's the fiancée of the victim. She is. The police say that they could barely get her to let go of the body. Yikes.

Deb's cell phone starts buzzing, but she doesn't respond to it. Finally, Dex says, "Deb, your butt is buzzing." It's a text from Yuki. It reads, "Any News?" The font on this cell phone was created in 1983 by the cast of Whiz Kids. The letters are like skywriting they're so huge. Deb asks if Quinn has arrived as she writes, "Don't text me again!" She even adds that exclamation mark. She means business. People, in general, mean business when they bother to punctuate their text messages properly. I like people who mean business.

Quinn pulls his car to a curb as Deb approaches. Deb tells him he should have beaten her in his fancy car -- he has a Cadillac. She says she knows a shield earns a bigger salary, but this is beyond the pale. He apologizes for being late, he got stuck in traffic. He explains the car away as "a great lease." Hmm, anyone smell a kickback? Dirty cop!

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