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Courting or Stalking

Inside the home, we find out that Jack Rice is the name of the victim. Deb thinks it looks like a breaking and entering (or as she calls it, "a B&E" -- at first, I was like, "A weekend retreat in Vermont? How could that kill someone? They always have quilts.") that went awry. There have been a lot of break-ins in the area recently. Fiona was the only witness.

Fiona tells Deb that Jack had taken the day off to see a romantic comedy with her. So, she's suggesting that this was a suicide? Jack called them chick flicks, says Fiona with a longing smile. You're fucking kidding me. He called them chick flicks? That is hysterical. Funny, dead Jack. Deb asks if the perpetrator -- he knocked her down on his way out, hurt her knee -- was six foot tall as she had apparently told someone. She ignores the question and tells them that they met at Starbucks. Deb looks a little frustrated. She's not a fan of chains. Fiona says she recognized him even though they never met and Deb huffily says that has happened to her too many times. I bet some of the time she actually recognizes people that she actually knows, but we're being romantical here.

Deb tells Fiona that they'll need to go to the station for a description and for Fiona to work with a sketch artist. Fiona insists that she's staying with Jack. Deb, who has the bedside manner of Don Rickles, says that Jack has to go to the morgue. Nice. Dexter adds that Forensics will need her clothes for tests. Across the room a cop tries to take a baseball cap of Jack's with blood on it for evidence and Fiona freaks. Quinn approaches her quietly and says they'll give it back when they're done with it. He is very tender with her and promises her when she resists that she'll get the hat back. Dex says that Quinn is good, because he really does calm the woman down pretty quickly. Deb replies, "Who knew?" Nobody, that's who. Quinn leads her out by the arm. Deb is stunned and calls him the Witness Whisperer. Dex VO's that maybe Quinn should propose to Rita for him. Or just copy him, Dexter.

We see Rita on the phone at work, in the bathroom washing her face. Maybe some morning sickness aftermath? She is talking to Astor and tells her that she's being unfair. Someone knocks on the door and asks her to come out of the bathroom. Who does that? Rita tells Astor that she and Dex getting married is up to her and Dexter. She tells Astor that they need to be kinder to each other. Sometimes, given her other circumstances, I find it odd that Rita is such a modern and gifted communicator with her children.

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