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Courting or Stalking

Dexter VO's that some people (Rita included, when preggers) are ticking time bombs. Ramon is, but Dexter needs to make sure that Miguel sees him explode. Dexter finds Ramon at a local bar. It's Miguel and Ramon's secret spot. Dexter says that he will keep the secret for them -- he's just picking up some to-go food. Dex apologizes for the confrontation between Astor and Carlos. Ramon says Carlos is a tough kid. Is he the same Carlos who was whining about the cabin? Astor could eat that kid for breakfast. He asks Ramon if he should drink so much and mentions that Miguel is worried about him. Ramon says his brother will tell him if he has a problem. I almost feel like we've already seen him tell him that. Sometimes it seems like Ramon is just written to be relentlessly unpleasant and doesn't have any real internal life. He's just a device. Dex says he understands what the Prados are going through because his mother was killed when he was young. OK, we at least know that Ramon feels bad for people whose moms are killed because he says he is sorry. Dexter says that it gets easier and mentions Miguel having accepted his loss and moved on. Ramon says no one has moved on -- when Homicide gets off its ass and finds Freebo, then they'll move on. Dexter's work is done -- he tells Ramon to enjoy his dinner and to tell Carlos "Howdy."

Maria goes to Miguel's office and asks if he has looked into the witness that could exonerate Chicky Hines. He says merely that he reviewed the statement of the witness. He is not buying it because the witness is a career criminal just trying to get off. Maria says that may be true, but it doesn't really matter. That's interesting. Miguel says Chicky is a bad guy, but Maria flatly says he didn't do this. That's the first time she wasn't beating around the bush about the importance of talking to the witness. Right now, she's just telling him that he was wrong. Miguel asks what this is all about. The pant suit that Lauren Velez is wearing makes her shoulders enormous. It's lilac with this weird black and yellow print blouse underneath. No. Miguel says accepting the truth about Doakes was hard for everyone. Um, ouch. And, can we talk about Doakes for a second? I saw Erik King in a play this week, Wig Out!. Crazy. He plays the father of a house of drag queens. Seriously, you would be stunned to see him in this. It was a pretty brilliant play, too. Moving on. Maria seems really hurt and says that she wasn't expecting that kind of comment from him. It's strange too -- why do you think Prado is fighting this so much? He doesn't seem like the kind to be lazy. He says that Doakes was her partner and friend -- maybe she thinks he was railroaded and that's why she's talking about Hines. She says she's a pro -- he says she's human too.

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