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Death Of A Salesman

At the station, Deb is finishing up with one last guy, telling him, "We'll do what we can to bring your dad home." "I'm sorry, you don't understand," says the young man. "I don't want him home. Just tell me he's dead, we need to know he's gone." "Right, you want closure," offers Deb. "I want peace," the guy corrects her. "He made our lives a living Hell. When he'd go to prison, it was a blessing, but you kept letting him out. I need to tell my mother and my sister that they're safe, and that he's rotting in Hell. Call me when you can tell me that." The guy takes off, and something dawns on Deb. She opens up a file from earlier, and sees Lundy walking towards the elevators. "Lundy, wait!" She runs out to meet him. "I think, I mean, it could be a coincidence, but there are two of them." "Two..." "Missing people, with records. Prison records." "Interesting," he says. "And who typically has a prison record?" "I dunno. Bad guys?" "Bad guys," Lundy repeats. "Do you think it could be --" "A pattern? Maybe," he says. He tells her to check all the victims DNA against the criminal database. Go, Deb! Just not too far! This show would suck with Dexter in jail.

Dexter's at Rita's house, knocking on the front door. Rita finally steps outside, annoyed, and says, "Dexter, what?" "You were right. I'm sorry to wake you up, but I had to let you know that you were right." "About what?" Really? Really? "The program," he replies. "It's good. It's really good. I'm always so in my own head. It's already really helped me a lot. Thank you." They embrace, and Rita's clearly happy with Dexter again, so crisis averted.

The next day, they pull up to the meeting in the new minivan, and Rita comments on how much she likes the new ride. "So, I will pick you up in an hour," she says to him when he gets out. He says he wants to go someplace nice for lunch, and then he points and says, "Oh, there's my sponsor." Of course, she's obscured by some fat dude smoking a ciggy, and that's who Rita thinks he's talking about. "No, next to him. Lilah." Oh, okay. That's her name. He goes and meets up with Lilah, and as soon as she puts her hand on his back, the camera zooms quickly on Rita's face, and for some reason I'm reminded of Tracy Flick when she loses it and rips down all those posters.

Right, so good stuff. The Doakes thing is at bay for now. Things with Rita are on the mend, but I wonder what direction they're planning to take this Lilah thing. I still couldn't really give less of a shit about Pascal or her stupid fiancé. It's also fun that Deb realized that the BHB might only be hunting "bad guys." Woohoo!

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