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Death Of A Salesman

At the station, Dexter jams his hand in the closing elevator just in time, and finds Doakes's smarmy face upon entering. Dexter thanks him sarcastically for not holding the elevator, and Doakes says, "Nice dodge last night, flooring it through that yellow light." "Oh, were you behind me?" asks Dex, mockingly. "See you tonight," says Doakes as he exits the elevator. Dexter follows him into the office, where there are tons of civilians lined up outside. LaGuerta is trying to deal with the crowd, saying, "We will get to all of you." She instructs a uniformed cop to take names and get people organized. Some dude off camera says, "Sue MacMillan, she disappeared four years ago!" Once inside the office, Dexter asks Angel who all these people are. "Every family member of every missing person for the last decade." "Including some sad, lonely, and presumably single women, courtesy of Lt. Pascal," adds Masuka. LaGuerta chimes in, "It's not her fault; that reporter's an asshole." She makes a call and tells some Sergeant to hold the rest of the people downstairs, and then asks Angel if he's seen Pascal. "She's just caught in a cycle of reaction." Oh, God. When's he going to come off this shit? "She's not co-creating her own reality." "You know those words don't actually mean anything, right?" says Dexter. "Look around you, bro. She's manifesting negativity." Okay, that I'll agree with. Masuka brings everyone's attention to the TV screen, saying, "It's on again." What's on is a guerilla interview with Lt. Pascal, and the reporter is asking about the BHB case. "We've heard reports there were dozens of bodies discovered." "Not dozens," she replies nervously. Masuka comments on Pascal's boobs, and LaGuerta tells him to show some respect. Hmm, I guess she and Pascal are in the same corner. The report continues with the reporter asking if the families of the victims have been notified, and Pascal replies, "We're still trying to identify them." "So, if our viewers have any information, they should contact you?" "Yes, fine." Hmm, so she's responsible for the clusterfuck? Nice. "Pascal's definitely off her game," says Angel. Masuka comments that the rumor is "her fiancé's catching some strange on the sly." "That'll do it," says Angel. LaGuerta, annoyed, turns off the TV.

Dexter looks over the gathered crowd out the hall, and VOs, "Most of these people won't find answers here. Chances are their loved ones weren't among my chosen few. Mathstor walks in with Lundy and asks for everyone's attention. First, he congratulates everyone for their hard work so far. "And, with the best manhunter in the FBI, we should have answers soon. In the meantime, the daily work of this precinct must continue to serve the public, so we'll be dividing up our resources." He then begins to read off Lundy's list for his task force members, as Masuka apologizes to Dex for taking Lead Forensics Investigator on the case: "Sorry you got bumped, but hey, no blood spatter." "Sucks to be me." Then he VOs, "Actually, it keeps me off Lundy's radar." Apparently, Angel and Deb have been added to the task force as well, and Batista is amped. Deb looks confused. Mathstor finishes by saying, "The Ice Truck Killer was an amateur compared to this guy," and Dex smiles a little bit. Lundy turns to Mathstor and tells him he wants the Lieutenant to consult with him before she blabs to the press. "I'll rip her a new one, if I can find her."

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