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Death Of A Salesman

"She knows," Dex VOs on the way to his car. "She recognizes demons, dark passengers. Maybe the others can, too. This program is too risky, especially now. Rita will have to understand." Yeah, don't bank it, bro.

Dexter arrives at Rita's just after she's put the kids to bed, and he shows her his chip. She looks proud of him, and gives him a hug. "It made me realize something important." "Really, what's that?" "Those meetings are not a good place for me." Pissed. Dexter continues: "I know how this sounds, but I can do this on my own." "Dexter, you need a program!" "I've read studies! People are ten times as likely to change on their own as they are with the help of doctors or programs." "So you're quoting studies?" She's not having this shit, because she saw Paul fail so many times in his attempts at sobriety. "I'm not Paul!" He tries to convince her that the meeting will do more harm than good: "I'm better off alone." Rita kisses him, says, "I pray you change your mind," and puts him outside like a puppy that just shat on the new rug. "What just happened?" You know, dude. You're going to have to go to these meetings if you want to keep this relationship alive.

Deb's got some Cheesy Poofs, and...Mmm, Cheesy Poofs. You know what? I just...just give me, like, two minutes.

Okay, back. And, now I'm getting chemical cheese dust all over my keyboard. That's just great. Thanks a lot, Deb. Anyway, Deb's eating Cheesy Poofs and is all spaced out on the couch, watching some TV. Dexter opens the front door, which is dead-bolted as usual, and Deb goes to let him in. "Thought you were staying at Rita's," she says. "Takin' the night off. I thought you'd be on the treadmill." "Takin' the night off." Well, all right, then. They both veg out for a moment, and a car commercial comes on the TV. "A night off is good," Dex VOs. Yeah, I guess, if you make good use of it, which Dexter doesn't, because...

The next day (what the hell was all that "night off" talk?) he's back at the Ford Dealership, VOing, "Two women are dead, the killer is selling minivans, and I have an opportunity to prove it, even if I am laying low. Having a victim prepped and ready will take the edge off the wait...I hope." Hicks sees Dexter approaching and runs up and shakes his hand. "What's going on, Dex?" He tells Dexter that if he's having any problems with the van, the service center is around the corner, and Dexter tells him the van is fine, he was just thinking about the extended warranty and a couple extras. Hicks tells him he's with a customer, but the girl inside can help. "I'd rather deal with you, I'll just wait for you in your office," says Dex, and heads in to the office, which is on a boat. That's right.

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