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Death Of A Salesman

Inside, Dexter grabs a couple of cigarette butts with a sandwich bag, VOing, "DNA, DNA, come out and play." A young and attractive woman comes up, and says she's just dropping off a thank you note for Roger. Dexter says he was just leaving, and gets up, and the woman says, "He sent you across the street, didn't he?" "Across the street?" "It's okay. He told me not to tell anyone either. I don't know how he makes all his commissions sending people to other dealers." Dexter posits that perhaps Roger has ulterior motives, but the woman says that maybe he just knows she can't afford his price. "After he ran a credit check?" asks Dexter, now interested. "TRW doesn't lie," she says. "So you're single?" says Dexter, and the woman looks taken aback before replying affirmatively. "Makes it tougher to afford those big ticket items, like cars and houses. You rent an apartment?" "A house. I hate sharing walls 'cause you can hear everything." "Tell me about it. No pets, though, right?" "Is this a come-on? 'Cause it's a little weird." Hastily, Dexter says, "It must be why I'm still single," and books out of there. "Another brunette," he VOs. "Single, neighbors at a distance, no guard dog." He's watching the young woman give Roger a kiss on the cheek. "The credit check gives Roger all the details he needs. She's next, and I can't do anything about it. Not until this manhunt ends. Harry would insist on it." Roger creepily watches the woman walk away, a murderous lust twinkling in his eye.

"What? No, I'll take care of it," says LaGuerta into her phone as she looks into Pascal's office. Pascal is also on the phone, saying, "I know the card is in his name, I just want to check the charges." Oh, for fuck's sake. This again? Whatever, I'll keep it brief. LaGuerta comes in and basically tells Pascal to get her shit together, because things aren't getting done. "I know things are rough with your fiancé right now, but we need to keep clearing that board out there." Pascal says she feels like her heads been up her ass recently, and they get to cop talk. I don't really care because they're talking about cops we don't know. Pascal's fiancé walks into the office, and once again, Pascal blows LaGuerta off to shut her blinds. LaGuerta tells Pascal that she'll handle the work stuff, and goes out to do just that. I don't know why she's being so nice to Pascal, because she's really fucking up big time. The fiancé goes in and starts railing to Pascal as Maria leaves. Don't care! God, I really want them to drop that stupid story line, or at least make it relevant. This is getting tiresome.

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