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Death Of A Salesman

"Lead fucking investigator," bitches Masuka, whose carrying a stack of files. "Translation: everyone's bitch! I do have a life, you know." "You do?" asks Dexter, messing with him. Masuka's in no mood, and asks Dexter for his marrow results, which he hands over. "No matches," says Dex. "Big surprise," says Masuka, yet something tells me it's not, really. On his way out, he tells Dexter to drop some dental x-rays off at the field morgue. "Fucking Bay Harbor Butcher is butchering my online social life." "Sorry," whispers Dexter when he's gone. Heh.

In the office, Deb is ready to see the next person on line, and leads her in past LaGuerta's desk. "I figured you'd still be here," says Mathstor to LaGuerta in what I think is their first interaction all season. "You're a pain in the ass, but always a damn hard worker. And of course, you knew how to handle the press," he says with a smile. He summons her out to the hallway, where he tells her, "The public needs to believe we can protect them when all hell breaks loose, so I need all my people operating at their very highest levels." LaGuerta agrees, and Mathstor asks her if he should be worried about Pascal. "Why?" she asks. "You can cut the crap, Maria. I know she's been AWOL on personal matters. The press fuck-up is huge. And now I'm beginning to hear rumors about erratic behavior." LaGuerta wants to know what he getting at, and he tells her that since she's "done the job, if she's out, that means you're back in. That makes you her harshest critic, and I want it straight." LaGuerta throws it back in his face, telling him her perception that "erratic" is a weak code for "female," and he can basically shove his sexism up his ass. "I won't dignify rumors, Captain. Pascal's fine." But she's not, is she? Nope. Mathstor looks mildly amused. Those pesky females and their emotions!

Dexter's walking out to the parking lot, and Doakes reminds him that his minivan's in the other direction. "Field morgue is this way," Dex covers. "I'll wait." "You should take the night off, Sergeant." "On pizza night? No way." Dexter gives him a whatever face, and starts walking again. "What does that girlfriend of yours see in a freakshow like you, anyway?" "You have to ask her." "Maybe I will." Dexter stops and turns around again. "What exactly is it you think I've done?" "I know you're connected to the Ice Truck Killer." Dexter wonders if he could be more vague. "I know you're too careful. You keep your assets in cash. You don't belong to any organizations or alumni groups. You were top of your class in med school, but you traded it for fucking blood spatter." I didn't know he went to med school, but I guess it makes sense. "I know you studied martial arts in college, but I don't know what a lab geek needs with advanced jujitsu." "You know what an easy credit is?" says Dexter. "I know you're a good liar, too." Dexter turns away, and says to himself, "Not good enough."

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