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"Are You…A Serial Killer"?

...while Dexter, finally back on his boat, busies himself with getting rid of Viktor's body...

...but then is thrown into another flashback in which Young Deb wonders what she did wrong that their dad would take the dog away from her. Young Dexter, however, claims responsibility, and when Deb asks what he did, he takes a long pause like he's considering coming clean. However, Harry's voice cuts in that Dexter is allergic to dogs...

...and then, having led Dexter out of earshot, Harry asks Dexter what he was going to tell Deb. Dexter confesses he was going to tell the truth -- that Harry thought Dexter would have killed the dog. "But I wouldn't." Harry says he couldn't take that chance, but more importantly, he must never tell Deb the truth about himself, as she'd abandon him. "If she ever saw the real you, she'd never get over it." And maybe the flashbacks seem a little convenient, but now's the time to lay out seasonal themes and this is the strongest one in a long time, rooted as it is in character rather than plot twists that everyone figures out eight episodes too early.

Back on the boat, DVO mourns his decision to try to save Colin Hanks rather than kill him, AS DO WE ALL. "Compassion does not fit me." Maybe Harry had a point about the dog after all.

Deb looks through the photos in the file again and flashes back to being on the table -- only this time, she remembers Brian and Dexter talking. She sees Dexter save her life; unfortunately, she also recalls Brian intoning, "You can't be a killer and a hero." Her eyes widen...

...while in other revelatory news, LaGuerta, catching sight of the evidentiary blood slide as she goes, finds Masuka and asks if anyone had a chance to go through the stuff from the church. Masuka, rather busy, tells her no -- he's been swamped with Anderson's case, although I'm not sure how that could be given that he himself admitted they didn't find anything on the car. Regardless, LaGuerta asks if the forensics team ever uses blood slides, but Masuka tells her that's a negative -- any transportable evidence is bagged, while blood is absorbed onto cotton squares and then given the same treatment. "Only one person who ever worked at Miami Metro took blood slides -- Sergeant Doakes, and that was only because of his side gig as the Bay Harbor Butcher." LaGuerta looks stunned at the implications, but covers in front of the unsuspecting Masuka; she does, however, sneak the blood slide out with her. So, it looks like Dexter's life has gotten sufficiently complicated, right?

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