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"Are You…A Serial Killer"?

Dexter arrives home as DVO says that no one wants to be fully revealed. "All the more reason to make sure I never again stray from what Harry taught me." He opens the door -- to find his apartment in shambles and Deb having LAID OUT EVERY SINGLE SERIAL-KILLING ACCESSORY HE OWNS. As uneven as it's been, this show has always done visual reveals well, and I have to admit this gave me chills on first viewing, not least because I wasn't expecting it anytime soon -- they advanced the plot more in this episode than in the entirety of certain past seasons. A close-up reveals it's all there -- the knives, the blood slides, even the Ice Truck Killer hand. There's a gun on the table, too, although that may be Deb's. Finally as stunned as Deb has been all episode, a wide-eyed Dexter drops his bag and Deb, in a calmer voice than I would have expected, asks Dexter if he killed all the people represented by the slides. Dexter, after a long couple of moments: "I did." Deb: "Are you... are you a serial killer?" Dexter: "Yes." Another long moment, and Dexter closes his eyes as the realization of what he's done sinks in... and that's it. I wouldn't call it perfect, but it's the first episode in ages I would have watched without being paid for it, so I'm hoping this signals a real rejuvenation for the show. See you next week!

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