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"Are You…A Serial Killer"?

She wonders why he didn't call her, but he admits that he wasn't exactly in a great state of mind. Casting about for a direction here, she asks if Dexter is hurt and he fakes a little emotion as he tells her that physically, he's okay. Deb finally puts her gun away, to Dexter's relief. What is decidedly not to his relief is the fact that she takes out her phone to call the scene in. He involuntarily lurches toward her and she recoils; he asks her how she thinks the situation looks, and her hands shake and her voice breaks as she admits that it's "pretty fuckin' weird!" He intones that an investigation could complicate their lives beyond acceptable levels and it's nice of him to include her in that; if you look over his dialogue from the whole scene, it's apparent he'll invoke anyone to save his own ass, even Harrison (that's coming). Deb notes that it was self-defense and she's doing a good job here of showing us that there's something deep inside her that no longer trusts her brother. They take a moment, and Deb reiterates her need to call it in, adding that Dexter had a moment of temporary insanity, but Dexter says the best-case scenario is that he'll end up in a psych ward with no job and probably no -- ding ding ding -- Harrison. Deb, her voice starting to rasp, asks what, then, they do. Dexter points out they can't bring Colin Hanks back, but maybe they could, say, dump his body? Deb is not having that and not just because she can't stomach it, but also because if he gets caught with the body, things really are over. If only she knew what an old hand he is at this. The alligators start licking their chops when they see his car pull up. Not being able to tell her all this, though, Dexter considers for a moment and then comes up with the idea of making it look like a suicide -- Colin Hanks set the church on fire and then offed himself after realizing that the world was not going to end as he predicted. "Fire. It's Biblical." Can't argue with that. Deb realizes that this dog will hunt: "One last tableau." Dexter says they'll need gasoline for the fire to burn quickly enough to meet their needs, and Deb, after pausing to get her head on straight, says she'll get it. Dexter tells her she should go home, adding that he knows what he's doing and I think he was just trying to convey that he feels like he's got the situation in hand, but that wording will come back to haunt him. For now, though, Deb merely stalks out... which point Dexter has a flashback to his childhood. He looks about eight or nine and he and Harry return home to find Deb playing with a puppy. Harry concernedly asks his wife what's up, so she tells him that a neighbor's dog had a litter and she couldn't resist. Harry becomes the "No! Dogs! Allowed!" sign in that Peanuts special, to his wife's dismay and then heads over to Dexter and whispers, "Don't even think about it." Have to admire his approach, considering this situation probably isn't in any parenting handbook.

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