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"Are You…A Serial Killer"?

In front of his door, DVO muses that while he's got Deb covering for him, at least he's protected her from the bigger truth, so it'll all be cool. He opens the door to find Greene lurking somewhat suspiciously and sure isn't pleased about it even when Greene explains that he wanted to give Jamie some space so Harrison wouldn't wake up. I thought Dexter was overly nasty to Greene last year, but he's justified here, especially when he realizes from the heat coming from it that Greene was on his laptop without asking. Greene makes a lame excuse about checking basketball scores, like a nerd like him wouldn't have a smartphone, and then Jamie then comes in and asks what the heck Greene's doing on this side of the apartment. Now that I think about it, I wonder if he was looking for evidence of "Pull Up A Chair >the hand he sent near the end of last season. Greene apologizes profusely, but Dexter doesn't acknowledge that, instead asking if Harrison's asleep while fixing Greene with a look that suggests he's picturing what he would look like wrapped in plastic. When Jamie tells him Harrison is down, Dexter dismisses her. So she and Greene leave, with Jamie casting an apologetic look on the way out. When they're gone, Dexter locks the door and immediately goes to the air-conditioner to check the slides, as Greene was in that area when he entered. The good news is that nothing seems to have been disturbed; the bad news is that this reminds him that he left Colin Hanks' slide behind. Of course, the logical part of him would probably conclude that the thing was destroyed in the fire or at least rendered unrecognizable, especially since he didn't hear of anyone discovering it...

...but, with everything that's gone wrong in the last day, the visceral part of him has a bad feeling, which explains him checking on Harrison and verbalizing his earlier thought by saying "Everything's gonna be okay" in a tone that implies the exact opposite. He turns out the light and closes the door...

...while Greene is exacting his revenge, as apparently, he used some hack-fu to get Dexter's credit-card numbers and is in the process of canceling them as he calls to Jamie, who's in the bedroom, that everyone seems to think Dexter's so awesome, but he's kind of a pompous jerk. And Greene's character deficiencies aside, he's got a point; even accounting for the fact that he's a legacy and his relation to Deb, Dexter really doesn't fit in interpersonally at the station. I can't believe Quinn's the only one that ever had a problem with him (and even that feeling seems to be long past). Well, except for Doakes, and isn't it funny that I have occasion to think about him here? Jamie is like, Dexter's awesome and my boss, so how about you drop it? She also doesn't seem much to buy his lame excuse for being on Dexter's side of the place, although she doesn't seem overly concerned about it either. Also, once Greene cancels the credit cards he looks inordinately pleased with himself, like, this doesn't make you Al Capone, tough guy.

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