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"Are You…A Serial Killer"?

Back at the station, Dexter catches Deb staring intently at him with a look that can't be good, and the next thing you know, she's checking out the files on the Ice Truck Killer case. In the storage room, she finds the correct box and pauses for a moment, and then opens it up and starts looking as dissonant music plays. I think we have to assume that her memories of the incident have been hazy, probably due to both the drugs with which Brian dosed her and the attendant emotional trauma, but the pictures she sees seem to be unlocking those memories. At the very least, the photos of the plastic wrap Brian used are telling, as Deb's sharp intake of breath confirms. More creepy flashbacks, including one of a knife Brian had at the scene, threaten to overwhelm her, but she replaces the box, but not without taking the file with the photos with her.

Time for a little informational stripper meeting! She worked at some strip club owned by a concern that also operates five other similar venues in the city. Quinn offers that when he was with Narcotics, the department investigated the places under the suspicion of laundering money, but failed to turn up anything. Batista gives a bunch of non-speaking background players their marching orders and it's nice for him that they can't, you know, talk back.

In his office, Dexter has had no luck matching the turn-signal fingerprint to anything in any domestic database, so he turns his attention to Interpol. Deb enters without knocking and Dexter looks uncomfortably at his screen, but realizes that it's too late to cover what he's doing. Deb gets to the point: In her flashbacks, she was set up on Brian's table in exactly the same way Colin Hanks was set up on the altar, and how can Dexter account for that? Dexter shiftily says he was there too, so maybe he just copied the setup from memory, but Deb points out that she was the one that almost died on the table, so you'd think she'd remember every detail a little better than Dexter, yet Dexter replicated the scene down to every last detail. DVO lets the new viewers know that's because Brian was imitating Dexter's MO before Dexter says a bunch of words are intended to obfuscate, but since they're completely meaningless, they're not really so effective. He unwittingly has better luck when he asks what Deb was doing in the church anyway, as Deb stammers a bit, since the reason is that plotline that makes us all uncomfortable even to think of, and lies that she was just checking up on Dexter. Deb apologizes for all the questions and says she's just trying to make sense of it, but Dexter tells her it's not going to make sense. The way he says it almost seems like he's trying to suggest there's something deeper there, but whether or not that's true, they've reached an impasse in the conversation. So Deb asks if he found anything in the car, and Dexter, looking at his computer screen that still reads "Searching," half-truths that he hasn't yet. In frustration, Deb leaves, whereupon DVO, no less frustrated, begs her to give up and leave this alone. Just then, however, his computer beeps with a positive match -- Enver Gjokaj is a "Viktor Baskov" (I'll take his first name as a shout-out to Dollhouse), and DVO gloats that even though things are falling apart, now he can focus on what he's good at. Unfortunately, he is not good at leaving the station without being observed by his ever-more-vigilant and mistrustful sister, who, once he's gone, heads into his office, presumably to look for a clue to where he's going. However, when she sees his screensaver, which is a photo of him, Harrison and herself, she pauses, probably wondering how far she's ready to take this.

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