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Cry For Me
Dexter thanks her, but then sees she's printed out a map of how to get to Hannah's house. Hahaha, Deb doesn't have a GPS in her phone! Or maybe she does and just doesn't know how to use it. If that's the case, it's a really good thing that she's got kids coming to stay. They can explain Instagram to her too! Dexter asks the purpose of her errand, so Deb swivels her head toward him: "Just because you're not gonna do what you do? Doesn't mean she gets to live happily ever after." Dexter can't really say anything to this, but I can only imagine he's figuring an earful's going to be coming his way.

But first we have to attend to a little MM business out in the main area: Masuka makes a lame joke about Dexter's near miss; LaGuerta shiftily informs Deb she's going off-site, Batista tells the group that he's been approved to take over the restaurant; LaGuerta asks him what the fuck happened to his two weeks' notice. Well, actually she tells him that she's really happy for him, but am I right? Also, remember that these two used to be married? God, that was boring.

Hannah is on the phone ordering nursery supplies when she looks up to see Deb and gets off the call in a hurry. Hannah tries to be conciliatory, but Deb comes back twice as aggressive, telling her that Price shared all his information with her, and whatever Hannah's hiding, Deb's going to find it. Hannah, possibly testing the truth of Deb's statement, tries to say that Price was a storyteller who just wanted to sell books, but Deb throws Hannah's taped confession back in her face. "How convenient that he died before he had a chance to write about it!" Hannah tries to tell Deb, I think at least partially sincerely, that back then, she was a young, dumb farm girl in over her head, but Deb isn't trying to hear that: "You knew exactly what you were doing then. You're in over your head now." As Liz Lemon would say, that's a pretty good burn, Deb. Hannah says that she cares what Deb thinks, although she doesn't know why, and maybe it's because you could ONE DAY BE SISTERS-IN-LAW? Deb leaves with yet another threat, and when she's gone, Hannah looks like the exchange unnerved her more than she'd care to admit.

In his car in the parking lot, Jason Gedrick is on the phone with, presumably, someone higher in the Koshka power structure than Isaak Pullo; he says that he's only suggesting a "realignment" rather than a coup, but he still feels like something has to be done. He listens for a bit and then assures the other party that whatever he ordered will be done; as if on cue, Quinn pulls up to drop Nadia off. Once she's entered safely, Jason Gedrick hangs on Quinn's car door and invites him to come in for some free drinks, but Quinn is like, that's not going to make up for the way you screwed me. Jason Gedrick apologizes, saying that Nadia's passport is something he wasn't in a position to deliver, but does offer Quinn some cash if he'll do one more job for him, but Quinn, who we know already gave away the first payment, invites Jason Gedrick to go fuck himself once more, adding that if he tries to make Nadia pay for Quinn's intransigence, he'll have Immigration swarm the place. It's not a bad threat, but you know who's had the last laugh between these two every time, and it's not the one dumb enough to date a stripper at a place at which he has history that he's trying to forget.

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