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Cry For Me

...while LaGuerta's secret errand entails going to the harbor at which Dexter used to dock the Slice Of Life. I mean, we're at the point of no return here, right? Unless she dies before revealing what she's learned to anyone else, I can't see how Dexter's not going to be exposed - especially not after the proprietor informs LaGuerta that Dexter used to have a slip there, but cleared out despite having eight months to go on his lease - in May 2007. I'm not going back to check the exact dates, but if I recall correctly that would be about the time that the BHB bodies were discovered; in any case, LaGuerta looks stunned, and asks the guy to confirm that he's sure. When he does, we push in on her as her mind reels, and earlier in the season I thought they were dragging this out, but shit is getting TENSE.

At the restaurant, Dexter, Deb, Jamie, and the kids sit for a bit, and then Jamie goes to take Harrison down to the beach, declaring that she needs a break from Astor and Cody's snittery anyway. Speaking of which, after we see the attraction of the place for Dexter - it's swarming with cop customers, so Isaak Pullo presumably will keep his distance - Astor and Cody get into it again, and soon Cody has yanked out a bag of pot from her purse for all the world to see. With all the murders she's been covering up, making the bag disappear before any of the cops see it is a piece of cake for Deb, but that doesn't stop Astor from stomping off, after which Dexter sighs that he should talk to her. Deb joins him, leaving Cody alone at the table, and the show has been so taut this season I was half worried that they'd come back to find him gone. Regardless, they go find Astor, who immediately tells them she doesn't do it a lot, and besides, in some states it's not even against the law YEAH COLORADO AND WASHINGTON. Dexter, however, gently points out that it's illegal at her age everywhere, and although Astor (or at least the actress, Christina Robertson, that plays her) has grown up a lot - she's now fifteen -- he's still got a point. Dexter and Deb give her advice that's a thinly-veiled (not that Astor would know this) parallel to their situation; Deb talks about how things that seem right, you might regret later, while Dexter chimes in that certain vices can relieve stress, but sometimes they're worse than the original problem. Astor doesn't take too much of this to heart, but Deb and Dexter look like they've gotten through to each other. Enjoy it while it lasts.

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