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Cry For Me

Back at Deb's, the kids are down, and she and Dexter exchange some light words before Deb confesses that he might have been right about Hannah - while she still thinks Hannah deserves Dexter's kind of justice, she knows it must have been hard for him to resist, and she knows he did it for her. If a convenient sinkhole appeared, I have the feeling Dexter would jump into it, but he manages to croak that she doesn't have to thank him, which is a hilariously understated moment. He then sincerely thanks her for helping with the kids, and she smiles that her home is their home. DVO then wonders why, if what's left of his family is all under this roof, why he wants so much to be somewhere else? I think I know this one, Dexter - you're actually pretty much a douche, and I'm talking aside from the serial-killer part. I think that makes the character more interesting, but I can't say I like him or am even particularly rooting for him. This isn't nearly as good a show as Breaking Bad, but he is starting to look like the Walter White to Deb's Jesse Pinkman. The latter parallel is probably stronger, if only for the cursing. Also, if you were Deb, wouldn't you insist that he stay there too? Space be damned - it's got to be safer than his apartment. Of course, what she doesn't know is that he's not going there...

...but to see Hannah, who opens the door and snarks, "Look who's not here again." Hee. After some stuff about Dexter not knowing what the term "booty call" is that I won't dignify, Dexter tells her that he's going to be busy for the next few days, and when she invites him to explain, he takes a moment and then comes clean about Isaak Pullo and Viktor, explaining that he killed one of Isaak Pullo's key guys. Hannah: "Well, it happens." HA! I'm not going to get tired of this consciousness of kind Hannah and Dexter have anytime soon. Hannah wonders what Dexter knows about Isaak Pullo, and when he confesses he knows next to nothing, she suggests that, even though the vetting process is unnecessary here for purposes of his code, Dexter do it anyway to see if he can dig up information that might be useful in planning his downfall. She even lends him her van, just in case Isaak Pullo knows his car. "Plus, it'll give you a decent excuse to come by and not see me again." They kiss, and then Dexter, not without wonder, tells Hannah he's never been able to talk about his kills with anyone before - not like he does with her, "no judgment, no fear, no panic." They agree that it's nice, and then hit the bedroom to celebrate. I wonder if they're going to start referring to this activity as "visiting Santa's Holiday Adventure."

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