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Cry For Me

At Nadia's, she tries to tell Quinn that she's only on the hook with Jason Gedrick for two more years, as he likes his dancers young. Well, he's someone who's familiar with the ravages of age, that's for sure. She makes Quinn promise that he'll never do anything for the Koshkas again, not even for her, and I don't know why they bother making him say the words if they're not even going to wait a scene for him to go back on them. You see, once Nadia goes to take a shower, Jason Gedrick turns up and tells Quinn that he'd like his assistance making sure the drug-moving events of the evening go smoothly, and if he doesn't, he'll release the recorded conversation of Quinn agreeing to steal Isaak Pullo's blood evidence he just so happens to have made. Oh, Quinn, you sad bastard.

As we see the Avon Lady is a large pool of his own blood, Lurch reports to Isaak Pullo that no one else is there. Lurch also IDs the Avon Lady as one of Jason Gedrick's men, and since Isaak Pullo knows that Jason Gedrick would never make such a move without approval from Kiev, it's clear that Isaak Pullo is no longer part of the Brotherhood. He then tries to tell Lurch that he doesn't need to stay with him, but Lurch is with Isaak Pullo to the end, which is kind of touching, in a Ukrainian-murderer kind of way. Isaak Pullo, probably realizing that building security isn't up to snuff, notes that they'll need a new place to stay, and then, when Lurch asks who Isaak Pullo thinks killed the Avon Lady, replies, "Well, that's a job for the police, isn't it?" It's good that he can keep his sense of humor at a time like this.

Cut to the MM team bustling about as Isaak Pullo hilariously reclines on his sectional sofa like he's waiting for someone to feed him a grape. After putting on a one-man show for a bit - topics covered are "the gang's all here," the thought that perhaps the assassination attempt demonstrates he needs a police escort OH WAIT, that sort of thing - Isaak Pullo tosses some comments "Dex"'s way that suggest he knows exactly who his guardian angel was, and then Dexter bails to go pick up the kids, but not without whispering to Deb to keep Isaak Pullo occupied for as long as she can. I'd tell him to rule out her having sex with him, but we'll see at the end that it would have been moot anyway.

At the beach, Dexter sees Astor sitting by herself and goes to talk to her; she confesses that she misses the beach, as it reminds her of Rita. Out of respect to what Astor's going through, I'll forego any indignant comments on behalf of the beach. Astor tells Dexter that Orlando doesn't feel like home, but neither does Miami, anymore - there's no place she feels like she belongs. Dexter sympathizes, and Astor goes on that if her grandparents find out about the pot, they'll think she's turning into her dad, and it seems like they're waiting for that to happen. Dexter replies that when he was younger, "someone" told him who he was, and if he hadn't taken that assessment at face value, he might have turned out differently. Astor smiles that he didn't turn out so bad, and the fact that she's completely wrong doesn't make the sentiment less sweet. Dexter assures her that the pot news does not have to make the Orlando papers, and after Astor gives a small, grateful smile, Dexter's phone rings, and he steps away to talk to Hannah, who tells him she left her greenhouse keys in the van. He's reluctant (I WONDER WHY), but does tell her where he is so she can swing by...

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