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Would You Have A Drink With You?

But there is a difference that changes everything: This person is not only not a serial killer -- "innocent," in the ethos of the show -- but pretty much an Everyvictim, giving off vibes of everything from kidnap to torture to multiple-assailant sexual assault, the same kind of meta-victim as Dexter is a meta-killer. So we know, and Dexter knows, that there's total safety here, at least for purposes of the plot. And yet, if Leo doesn't pull it the fuck together and soon, there will be no option but murder, which flips it inside out again and makes this an actual chase. I don't know, it's good. I liked Lila and I loved Trinity, but in terms of Dexter's always having a main person for the season, I love everything about this scenario. (Except for the name.)

Quinn lies in wait for Jonah to leave the safehouse, and finally they do, so he follows them. Meanwhile, Dad's yelling at Dexter in the car about how now he's gotta kill Leo, no way around it, and there's neat acting because of course both actors are in the car but Leo can't physically react to him in any way, and there are lots of fun camera angles and then, best of all, Dexter saying "Quiet" to his dad, but with his Level 10 Serial Killer Voice so really he's saying it to both of them. I am so much more comfortable with Dexter when he's like this. Like, the only time he doesn't give me the heebie-jeebies is when he's got somebody taped down and he's doing that crinkly dead voice at them.

Because Quinn is naturally the least trustworthy-looking person in the universe, Jonah is not immediately interested in getting chatted up. Also, they are at the convenience store, which is either super dumb or super sad: "Yeah kid, you can get out of the house. All the way to 7-11 for some Slim Jims and then it's right back home." I can't imagine a more depressing place to remember what human society was like.

Well, like Fashion Bug. Can you imagine if they only let you out of your safehouse to take trips to Hot Topic? Or like a Subway that always runs out of tomatoes, and they put the cheese triangles on there the wrong way, every time? And the guy always has a sinus infection and makes these terrible noises while he makes the sandwich? Or, "You can go to this Payless Shoe Source as many times a week as you like, kid." What would you DO?

Anyway, even worse is, Quinn is there. He convinces Jonah that he's a cop, sure, but then when he pulls out the picture of Dexter Jonah's like, "What is that you want from me, and why do you want me to identify this person as Kyle Butler?" Because Kyle Butler did him like seventy favors and basically is the best person Jonah has ever met, in his life. Before Quinn can get more sleaze juice all over his flawless self, Jonah's keeper people jump all up in Quinn's lifestyle and take him down to jail for creepin' on sweet little Jonah and his perfect eyebrows in the back of a 7-11. Maybe he will die somehow as a result of this.

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