Beauty and the Beast

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Would You Have A Drink With You?

Leo is like, "Not so fast, buddy. You are not my first mister. Remember how Shawn Hatosy was like, 'Can of woorrrrrms bargleargh!' Well, Something along those lines but I'm going to explain it in a very abstruse way so that it feels like a cliffhanger. Ready? Shawn Hatosy wasn't the only one who did this to me. There were others. It's not over."

Which, what does that mean? Selling, that was part of it. "Kill me or worse," that came up a lot this week. So is there an underground network of kidnapping enthusiasts who somehow sell these people on like some sicko eBay? Because I don't see the way that economy could work. There's a certain number of people who like torturing, or Eyes Wide Shut-type shenanigans, but don't kill the person? And then once the torture guys are like, "This one is done," it gets to Shawn Hatosy, who kills and cans them? I say it's Tony Robbins guru and this is all a pyramid scheme that got confused and at the end he'll show up and be like, "When I said take it I wasn't trying to imply raping and torturing and putting girls in barrels. You guys, come on. I was talking about junk bonds, shit like that. You jerks." And won't they feel silly then.

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