Blinded By the Light

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Vandal in the Wind

Dexter's VO: "The bad news for Andy is that he's lost his house. The good news for me is he'll be out of the neighborhood." The VO continues, justifying such a pitiless statement with the same blah-blah about how Dex doesn't fit into this suburban world. I kind of wish they'd just let that statement hang there. It's appropriately unfeeling and gets more across about Dexter's emotional state (or lack thereof) than all this tedious philosophizing.

As he heads back up the walkway to his house, the neighbor's security light flashes on, shining accusingly right in Dexter's face. It also illuminates Dexter's gate, where the grimacing face had indeed bled through the paint. Harry shows up to shove a little "I told you so" in Dex's face. Getting angry, Dexter goes and grabs a rake, steps up to the light, and smashes it out. In full view of his loving wife. That's gonna be a conversation.

Joe R still kind of hopes Jesse turns out to be someone Dexter can kill. He can be reached for comment at

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