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"He who doesn't fear Dex dies only once."

LaGuerta and Doakes are checking Rudy's profile against Interpol's fugitive list, in case he's not American. "Rudy Cooper?" says Angel, limping into the station. "His real name is Brian Moser." LaGuerta asks him what the hell he's doing there, and Angel explains that he got a hit from his search at county psych. "He was institutionalized for antisocial personality disorder. At 21, they said he was cured, and released him." Doakes tells another random cop to check the name against credit cards, utilities, et cetera, when Pascal comes out and says they triangulated Deb's phone, and that it's "twenty miles off the coast, which means he's got her on a boat." Yeah, like he'd be so stupid as to not think of that. Also, I specifically remember him throwing the phone into the water at the end of last week's episode, so it's not only miraculous that the thing is still on, but that it's able to transmit a strong enough signal that far under water. My ass. LaGuerta tells Pascal that they've discovered the ITK's real name, but Pascal doesn't give a shit. "His name's not going to help us find him on open water." Despite Doakes's reminding her of the chain of command, LaGuerta reminds Pascal that the signal died last night (thank you very much), and that Brian's has most certainly moved Deb to another location by now. "Duly noted," Pascal says bitchily. Her plan is to coordinate a Coast Guard search, which is idiotic. LaGuerta follows Pascal into her office. "Fly-overs look good to the press, but they won't find Morgan." "You think the press matters to me?" "It matters to Captain Matthews, and he calls the shots." LaGuerta goes on to say that she's willing to be a punching bag in order for Pascal to define herself, but now isn't the time because an officer is missing. Pascal reveals to LaGuerta that she understands why LaGuerta was reassigned: "It has nothing to do with incompetence, and everything to do with the Captain trying to save his job." She also says that she was hired with a "directive to not make [LaGuerta's] life easy." "So you're going to ignore the lead?" "You don't know me very well, but fortunately for Officer Morgan, neither does the Captain." Oh, cool! So you guys are good, then? ...I really don't care. Can we get on with the story and let you guys reschedule the pissing contest for next season? That would be sweet. They smile at each other. Great.

Dexter's waking up slowly; he's duct-taped to a chair, sitting across a dining table from Brian, who's drinking a beer, as he does. "Nothin' personal," says Brian. Really? Because I was under the impression that it was actually everything personal. "I just wanted to have a beer with you before we got started. You made that kind of difficult." "Sorry," says a groggy Dexter. "You don't ever have to apologize to me, Dexter. Not for who you are, or anything you do." Dexter asks who the house belongs to, and Brian tells Dex that he got it for him. "I'm really more of an apartment person," says Dexter. Brian says, "You're trapped in a lie, little brother. The same lie they tried forcing me into." "They?" "Doctors, therapists, group leaders...what a family they were." "You were never put up for adoption?" "Afraid not. You were three, a little bird with a broken wing. First cop on the scene, Harry Morgan. He wanted to make you all better. But me? I could see it in his eyes. All he saw was a fucked-up kid. They all did, so they locked me up." Dexter tells Brian that he didn't even know he existed. "Of course you didn't. Harry wanted to keep you all to himself. And while you were being raised by the Morgan family, I only had the memory of a family." "Me." "Mom always told me to look after you. Imagine how I felt when I tracked you down and found out you were exactly like me?" "I don't have to imagine," says Dexter. Rudy smiles, grabs a knife from the table, and cuts Dexter's hands loose. He tells Dex that he knows what Dex has gone through his whole life, "the isolation, the otherness, the hunger that's never satisfied." He grabs one of Dex's hands and tells him he's not alone anymore. "You can be yourself with me. Your real, genuine self. It takes the breath away, doesn't it?" Dexter looks away, and sees his younger self playing while Brian hugs him. He looks back at present-day Brian, and grabs Brian's hand lovingly. Slowly, Brian slides the knife into Dex's hand, and says, "I think we're ready for Debra."

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