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The Murder Games

So the waitress' expectations for this date have already been severely tempered, as there's barely any furniture in the place, and what he has is covered in plastic like in a children's book in which a friend of the protagonist has a super-uptight mother. Obviously against her better judgment, she takes a seat, and seriously, of all people, I would think a waitress, who should be used to dealing with creepers of all sorts, would have a developed lizard brain and would use the opportunity of him going to make the drinks to get the hell out of there.

Her potential salvation, though, has arrived, as Deb parks nearby and turns off her lights. She notes that Speltzer still seems to be up...

...while inside, the man himself is staring RATHER INTENSELY at the girl, who takes a sip out of the plastic cup and then tells him that there's like not even any alcohol in the drink. He breathes that she has to be in control of her faculties, "otherwise there's no challenge." Mistaking that as a sexual reference, she puts down her drink and looks uncomfortable, but not as much as when, after he tells her she looks strong and he "like[s] it when they're strong," he grabs her and shoves a hand over her mouth. "Let's play a game." Ooh, is it Global Thermonuclear War?

Deb sees Speltzer's lights go out, and figures that's her cue to go home, but then she hears staticky, dissonant sounds coming from within and a flickering light upstairs. She steps out to investigate...

...while Dexter, outside the mausoleum now, picks up Deb's message. He frantically runs for the exits as he tries to call her, but we know her phone is of no use. Speaking of police protocol, that's got to be a violation, right? Shouldn't an officer entering an unknown situation have to have a working (as much as possible) phone? Set on vibrate so there are no plot-convenient rings, entertainment writers EVERYWHERE?

Deb hears a crashing noise from above and a woman's scream, and upstairs, we see the reason, as the waitress is desperately trying to navigate some sort of death maze as Speltzer, wearing what looks like a Viking helmet and army fatigues, pursues her. It doesn't seem like he can see too well in that thing, so if she were able to manage to get behind him she'd have a fighting chance, but there's shit everywhere up there, including barbed wire and other lovely traps. It looks like he's got her cornered, but she ducks through a low opening...

...while downstairs, Deb is blowing the lock off the door. Again, it's standard procedure for her to call in; if her phone wasn't working she should have been sure to take a wireless police transmitter with her. You're a Lieutenant, Deb. Hope you remember to write yourself up. The girl is definitely still alive as Deb makes her way up the stairs, at the top of which is this simple message: "RUN."

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