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The Murder Games

With a gun in her hand, Deb chooses to walk, but that doesn't make the place any easier to navigate, and the scraping, discordant electronic music is an effective choice both for the maze and the scene. It'd actually help Deb in her search if she could find the source and eliminate it, but soon Speltzer has grabbed her legs from behind and pulled her through another low aperture. After he kicks away her piece, she manages to return the favor in the goolies - always a good idea against a male attacker - but gets tangled up in some barbed wire in the process. She struggles to free herself before he can recover, but it's pretty clear she's going to lose the race - so it's a good thing Dexter conks Speltzer on the neck from behind. Given the adrenaline of the situation and the fact that Dexter already wanted him dead, I'm surprised he didn't make it a killing blow, but maybe even now he knows that that would complicate his life unacceptably.

Also, fairly convenient that Dexter could get here so quickly, especially since you'd think Speltzer would want to set up this operation at a reasonable distance from his place of employment, but whatever, the guy doesn't even put alcohol in his mojitos, so I don't understand the first thing about how he thinks. Dexter kills the music - thank you - and helps free Deb, who tells him about the girl. Unfortunately, when they find her, he's already had his way with her, and one of her earrings is gone to boot. And the bad news continues to pile up, as they hear sounds of movement, and when Dexter goes to the window, we hear the squeal of tires - Speltzer got away. That's not going to look good for the open-case numbers.

Later, outside, Dexter and Deb trade information - the house was a foreclosure Speltzer used in which to set up his maze, and burned plastic was found in the oven (which was operational in a foreclosure, I'm sure), which explains the lack of any DNA. I've never burned plastic, but I'd imagine it doesn't smell so hot? Deb goes on that she sent some munis over to the mausoleum, and the earring Dexter saw was gone, so it looks like Speltzer is on the run. They then observe the girl's corpse being wheeled away, and Deb looks twitchy, like she might lose it at any time. Dexter watches her with a mix of concern and, I think, hope that she's coming around to his way of thinking...

...and, speaking of thinking, we cross-fade to morning, with Deb standing on the beach looking out toward the ocean, and it'd be a really bad time for a body to wash up. She looks pensive and upset...

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