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The Murder Games

...which involves keeping an eye on the guy and his bad wig as he works a heavy bag at the gym. Dexter then gets a call from Deb, whom he blows off rather quickly, only to see her hanging out in front of the place, which, funny, sure, but if you're going to give him "space," maybe you should park down the street?

At Helena Metro, Quinn is happy to find Nadia waiting for him. The girl who rolled out "ploy" with no problem doesn't figure out the expression "giving milk to a stray cat" despite obvious context, but since it leads to flirting later, it's certainly not worth discussing, so let's move on to where she asks him if she could have the bracelet that Soroka was wearing when she was killed, as she knows that she would want to be buried wearing it. Quinn is only too happy to oblige - only, as we know because Viktor took it, the police didn't find a bracelet. Nadia at least doesn't give away the importance of the thing, but when Quinn asks her out, she says yes. Well, I suppose he's a step up from the men with whom she regularly comes into contact. A fairly small step, but a step nonetheless.

Nadia returns to Jason Gedrick and informs him of the news, and adds that she knows Quinn wouldn't lie to her, because he likes her That Way. Jason Gedrick tells her that if the cops find the GPS chip in the piece of jewelry, they'll figure out that's how the Ukrainians track their mules, which will bring their heroin operation to a crashing halt. Nadia is sitting in front of an ornate chessboard that has Isaak Pullo's style all over it, so it's not a huge surprise when Isaak Pullo's voice chimes in from behind Jason Gedrick that this is good news, and then sits next to Nadia as he talks about some Russian mezzo soprano about whom it was said, "Her voice could unlock the mysteries of the heart. And so can I, but I generally use a sickle." Well, not really, but his ensuing story about pushing this music teacher who encouraged him to feel and then gave him a failing grade down a flight of stairs kind of suggests the same thing.

This little incident resulted in Isaak Pullo being shipped off to a disciplinary school in England. "Now, I'm afraid, my love of opera is all that's left of my sensitive side." The writing is pretty stock "cultured villain" - he's even drinking champagne and eating caviar during this conversation - but Ray Stevenson has the chops to sell it. He reaches out and strokes Nadia's hair, causing her to flinch involuntarily, before instructing her to get close to Quinn so she can find out what the police know about Viktor. Nadia nods her agreement, and upon being dismissed, controls her obvious terror in a game and successful effort to make it out of there without hyperventilating. When she's gone, Isaak Pullo notes that Viktor "is" smart, and probably is hiding out somewhere after having taken the bracelet off Soroka so the police wouldn't get it. Jason Gedrick points out that they can't know for sure, with the signal having died over a week ago, but Isaak Pullo isn't so sure, and barks at his silent, fingerprint-wiping goon to find the IT man who set the system up, who I hope for his sake hasn't been dating any of the strippers.

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