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Unstable Elements

Dover Metro. Hannah is led in as DVO wonders how Hannah can be so calm, since she must know that Price's body is going to be tested. He watches the monitor as she takes a seat in the interrogation room, and Deb joins her and, after a short preamble, tells her Price is dead. Hannah admirably feigns shock, for which DVO compliments her, but Deb, after ascertaining that they're not going to "cut through the bullshit," accuses her of being a killer, saying she's got the blood report on Beverly Grey, and she thinks she's going to be able to tie that to Price's tox screen. Hannah suggests that sometimes people just die, and she's probably thinking about subtraction again, but Deb sees an opportunity, leaning forward and asking if that's what happened to her husband - an her unborn child? "What the fuck happened, Ms. McKay? Was he pressuring you to have a family? Was it making you feel trapped?" As DVO notes, Hannah's not acting anymore as she swallows hard before telling Deb, her voice not entirely under control, to charge her with something or let her go. After Deb spits that she's trying to give her an opportunity to come clean, Hannah stands to go, but pauses to tell Deb something her grandmother used to say: "Trust those who seek the truth, but doubt those who say that they have found it. My grandma wasn't ever wrong." And given how much Deb's life perspective has changed this season, it's no wonder that Deb's attempt at a dismissive smirk doesn't quite come off. As Dexter watches her go, DVO intones that she survived Deb's questioning, but she might not make it through his. " bed," I feel is the obvious continuation.

Well, here's Dexter, turning up to Hannah's with a dark enough look on his face that, as soon as she opens the door, prompts Hannah to immediately explain that Price was going to destroy her life. She adds that Dexter wasn't exactly updating her on his plan, but he snarls that Price died in his apartment. "My living room is a crime scene. You know who I am, what that means to someone like me." She admits she intended for the poison's effects to kick in while Price was driving, so it would look like "a convenient auto accident," and Dexter doesn't seem to notice, but how many other people might have died as a result if that had come to pass? Hannah assures Dexter that she's never going to prison in a tone that suggests death would be more welcome to her, and goes on that the last pen Price chewed on had "a little something" on it that's completely undetectable (which, as we've seen from Beverly Grey, means it couldn't have been aconite). Dexter says she'd better hope so, to which she snaps, "I know so," so maybe she's used this untraceable poison before? She sighs that she wishes she could have destroyed Price's book along with him, prompting Dexter to be all "Funny thing about that!" Hannah's genuinely moved, and tells Dexter she could feel him watching her while she was being interrogated. Dexter asks if Deb's accusation regarding Jake was true, but Hannah tells him that actually, it was the opposite - she wanted a family, but he didn't - he even threatened to leave her unless she got an abortion. Now, I'm not saying her story is necessarily bullshit, but Hannah is a sociopath, and we heard Jake's seemingly non-sociopathic sister say she was surprised to hear Hannah wanted kids. So maybe, having her plan in place, Hannah told Laurie that to throw suspicion off her. I mean, if you take her story at face value, it's an awfully big coincidence, her miscarrying a fetus after committing murder to save it. On the other hand, Hannah is selling the shit out of this speech, as when she tells Dexter she miscarried, she adds with a sad, ironic smile, "Sometimes life subtracts." For once, I feel like the ambiguity is intentional rather than the writers having their heads up their asses, so I appreciate it. In a different tone, however, Hannah goes on that sometimes Nature adds - does he realize how they, two killers, looked out for each other? With that, any resistance to her is stripped away, and he moves in close, puts her hand on his heart, and starts kissing her intimately, with true connection rather than the carnal desire of the previous night. Harrison, meet your new stepmom!

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