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Unstable Elements

It's morning, and Dexter and Hannah are driving, not looking too much the worse for wear, considering the lack of sleep and the unspeakably filthy night they had. DVO uses a chemistry metaphor to lead up to Dexter telling Hannah that "this" can't happen again, and given all the incredibly wrong events of the night past, I can't blame Hannah for asking for clarification. When Dexter tells her he's talking about the sex part, though, Hannah agrees, prompting Dexter to ask why in a tone that rather obviously translates to "Was I not good?" Hannah, however, merely points out that it wouldn't end well, and then, in a hilariously conversational tone, asks Dexter if he's going to try to kill her again, because she feels like she's entitled to that information. So not only have they given the Hannah character depth, they've made her capable of dark banter. Dexter, not quite as lightly, tells her if he wanted her dead, they wouldn't be chatting, so they can just think of it as a misunderstanding. Proving yet again how beguiling he finds her, Dexter shoots Hannah a side-eye before noting that she doesn't really seem that shaken up by what happened, and while, considering she told you to go ahead and kill her, that doesn't track as particularly surprising to me, I am interested to hear her answer. She agrees that she probably should be a little more freaked out, and her scientific detachment is definitely displaying her sociopathic tendencies, but she goes on that maybe, she never believed he'd go through with it. Dexter looks at her long and hard, possibly deciding whether to tell her how many people before her thought he wouldn't go through with killing them, but any such statement is forestalled by some jerk on a motorcycle zooming in front of him, forcing him to slow down. When Dexter honks in irritation, the guy flips him off, prompting Hannah to raise an "Uh oh" eyebrow and Dexter now to match her conversational tone from earlier: "Boy, did he pick the wrong car." They giggle over their shared status, and it occurs to me that while Dexter is a sociopath and a serial killer, he certainly has managed to hang out with more than his share of murderers. He should start his own social network, which, in homage to Frisky Dingo, I would have to insist be called "Killface."

Dexter reaches Hannah's place, and he starts to get out, but she tells him to stay put before leaning in for a kiss. They look at each other meaningfully before Dexter notes that Hannah never really asked him why he kills people. Hannah: "I don't need to." Damn, whoever's writing Hannah is hitting the marks. She hops out, and Dexter watches her go - but then, looking down the street, sees Price watching from his parked car. DVO quickly realizes how bad a situation this could be, so he gets out of his car, prompting Price to do the same. Price immediately tells him that now he understands why the blood work on the Randall spree was compromised, and he's right on the merits but incredibly wrong on the details, so DVO, in assessing his options, quickly notes that as far as Price knows, he's an innocent lab geek in over his head. And if you take out the "innocent" part, he's right. Dexter begs him not to write about him and Hannah, as it'll destroy his job, but Price is unmoved, although he does suggest that Dexter go on the record. This gives Dexter an idea, and he offers something better - he'll tell Price what Randall's last words about Hannah were. Although he clearly doesn't trust Dexter implicitly, Price is intrigued enough to say he'll give it some thought, and as such will keep quiet about Dexter and Hannah for the time being. He cautions Dexter to watch what he eats around Hannah before heading off, leaving DVO to note that he's got yet another reason to stay away from Hannah now. Amazingly, he doesn't even need a chemistry metaphor to arrive at this conclusion.

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