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Unstable Elements

Quinn turns up to Nadia's for a tearful reunion. She tells him she's unhurt, but the Koshkas sent her to their club in Fort Myers, and she was afraid she was going to end up on the next plane back to Kiev. If only she knew where Jason Gedrick actually threatened to send her. Quinn puffs out his chest about not letting anyone hurt her, prompting her to realize that he must have promised them something, and she warned him about that. He assures her she's going to be free, and I wonder if even he realizes how unlikely that is now that he's hearing those words out loud.

Meanwhile, it's not even nighttime, and Isaak Pullo is heading out of the prison, back in one of his lovely suits. Outside, Lurch apparently feels that this is a special enough occasion for him finally to speak, and he greets Isaak Pullo warmly. Jason Gedrick is there too, and, indicating the police car in prominent view, suggests that Isaak Pullo is probably ready to get back to Kiev. Isaak Pullo, however, informs him there's still the issue of Miami being overcrowded - "by one." Haha, Isaak Pullo only killing one more person? That's like trying to eat just one Lay's Potato Chip!

Deb is over at Laurie's house (Laurie's played by Hey! It's That Guy! Julie Warner), and she gets right to it, asking for permission to exhume her brother Jake's body, as new evidence has come to light suggesting Hannah might have poisoned him. Laurie is surprised, as she thought they had a great relationship - especially after Hannah found out she was pregnant. Deb's jaw drops, and Laurie goes on that Hannah told her in confidence and she was surprised, as she didn't think Hannah wanted kids. Keep this in mind for later. Laurie finishes by saying that Hannah lost the baby right after Jake's death, and she cut off his whole side of the family thereafter despite Laurie reaching out to her numerous times. Deb tells her she needs her help to find out for sure what happened, and Laurie nods her agreement.

Meanwhile, down by the beach, Price accosts Hannah at a flower stand (same one at which she was unloading last week, I think) and tells her he wants to write her authorized biography. She's all breezy sarcasm until he drops the bomb about Dexter, so, apparently already feeling attached and protective of him, she agrees to talk to Price if he'll keep Dexter's name out of anything he writes. Price counters that that depends on what she tells him, and she invites him over to her place for the next afternoon at four. Price then wastes no time in calling Dexter and telling him he'll swing by the next evening at seven, so apparently he doesn't think that the details of a multi-state killing spree could possibly take more than a couple hours to relate. In all seriousness, I suppose this is meant to show that Price is untrustworthy, as if he'd meant what he told Hannah about keeping Dexter out of it, he wouldn't honorably be looking to trade that same promise to Dexter. Not that it's going to matter, you probably won't be surprised to hear. Dexter is happy that they're meeting up, as he's hatched a plan: Price has covered some very bloody cases, not all of which have been solved, so he's going to throw suspicion on him of having killed one of the girls so he could write her story - all he needs is Price's DNA. He then argues with himself about whether he should go tell Hannah what's up, and since they just showed a photo of him on Dexter's desktop, has he dropped the idea of Harrison ever coming home, or am I going to have to call Child Protective Services myself?

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