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Downs's Syndrome 2: The Dexoning

Dexter's looking through his old photos, again. "I'm going to miss my playmate," he VOs. "Sure, there's Rita and the kids, but they don't know the real me. Can never know the real me. And now the father is back. Things have changed." Looking at the Miami Tribune, with both Neil Perry and Jeremy Downs on the cover: "Everything has changed. I always prided myself on being an outsider, but now...I feel the need to connect with someone."

Now at the lockup, Dexter being let in by a guard, and two more run past him as he goes on: "I saw myself in Jeremy. But instead of helping him like Harry helped me, I gave him a piece of fortune-cookie advice that he never even heard. I failed him. He deserved better, and he'll get it from now on." Yeah, I doubt that, Dexter. You know those guards that just bolted past you? Yeah, they're running because Jeremy just killed himself by slicing his neck open on the corner of his cell's bed. "I guess I was wrong," Dex continues, looking at the bloody scene. "Jeremy did hear my advice. He killed someone who deserved to die." He looks genuinely sad. It's gonna be okay, Dexter. I promise. Sorry about your potential protégé, though.

LaGuerta powders her face as Astor walks in. "What's the status on Perry?" he asks. "I'm having him transferred right now," she replies. "The DA wants to keep him at county pending arraignment." Astor compliments LaGuerta on her police work, and says it feels good to praise her for that as opposed to her politics, for a change. LaGuerta tells him she's just heading downstairs for the press conference at that moment, but he says, "Press conference is over. Don't worry, I kept it short." Not believing what she's hearing, LaGuerta says, "You gotta be fuckin' kidding me. That was my bust!" "This is my department." "Did least give me credit?" "Yes, I just gave it to you. Haven't you been listening?" Oh, burn, dude. That's awesome. After he takes off, LaGuerta sits in a humbling silence for a long time, left to think about what a butt-nugget she can be.

Dex is sitting alone in another interrogation room. He's stretching his neck, and VOing, "Ever since Harry died, I've been alone. But now, for the first time, I feel alone." He begins prepping his evidence kit. "Jeremy Downs is gone, and Neil Perry will soon vanish into the catacombs of the system. I have so many questions for him: How did he discover my secrets? What was his message to me?" The door opens, and Perry is ushered in slowly. "He's been in my home, my photos, my life. He knows me, now I need to know him. To connect, face to face, before he's beyond my reach forever." Perry sits down, and he and Dexter ponder one another for a long while. "Hi," says Dexter.

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