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Downs's Syndrome 2: The Dexoning

"Who the fuck are you?"

Oh, snap! I knew it! I knew it! Not to be all Deb about it, but I knew it! You know who else knows it? Dexter, that's who. Also, the guy ripping that organ chord on the soundtrack. That's the ultimate Come On, You All Knew It sound. Seriously.

Dexter looks at us and smiles that smile of his, and we're done.

Good stuff this week, but I can't help but feel that we're treading water a little bit, here. I really did know that Perry could not be the killer from the start, and I don't like being annoyed by Deb. I think she's a great character when she's insecure, but overcompensating for her insecurities by being a cocky little shit makes her suck. Hopefully Rudy will diffuse some of that. I also hope that Dexter will kill Paul right in the face, because Paul? Is a douche. Major. This is now the third episode in four where nobody has been killed by Dexter, and that makes me want to take a trip to Sadland, where all the beer tastes like tears, and big burly men repeatedly punch you in the soul.

He better kill someone next time. I'm not sayin', I'm just sayin'.

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