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Downs's Syndrome 2: The Dexoning

Speaking of Dex, he's just now comparing the cuts from his most recent crime scene to those of another. "I knew I recognized the knife work of the killer. Jeremy Downs." As he flashes on scenes of him slamming Downs against a wall, he continues, "I had him. He was mine. Until I found out the boy Jeremy killed raped him. So I let him go. It seemed fair. But, my random act of kindness was misguided. If I'd followed my instincts, this boy's high school yearbook would still have an editor." Heh, yeah. Well, I'm sure they found someone else. They can't just not have a yearbook. Hearing a muffled voice, Dexter looks up and realizes LaGuerta's breaking the news about Neil Perry. "The task force will look for any evidence that links Neil Perry to the Ice Truck Murders. We need proof this time, people, tangible proof." Dex walks up to Deb and asks, "They really found the Ice Truck Killer?" "I did," she replies, proud of herself, and definitely annoying me. She walks over to Doakes without any further explanation. LaGuerta tells Doakes that she needs him to "stay with the knife victim in the alley. His parents are high-profile." Hmm. He's fine with that. LaGuerta tells Angel, "You found Perry, you are on the task force. Contact the fugitive's friends, family, co-workers, anyone who'd try to hide him." Angel asks if he should circulate his photo, and she replies, "In neighborhoods only." She doesn't want this to get high-profile yet: "The last thing I need is another Tony Tucci on my hands." That's the truth.

Dexter, looking at the creepy Neil Perry picture, asks Deb, "You really think this is the guy?" "It's all lining up. I saw him, Dex. I chased him." Maybe you should learn to not have your mind blown every time you chase a criminal, Debra. I think your elation can be a bit distracting in the long run. Keep your eye on the prize, know what I mean? Angel calls over to Deb, telling her to get her ass over there because she's on the team. After gloating a bit more, Dexter decides to take her down a peg or two: "He hardly looks like someone who's capable of terrorizing Miami. A science camp, maybe." Deb's face instantly falls. Nice shootin', Dex. "I'll keep you in the loop," she angsts, and goes over to Angel. "Where's my blood report, sparky?" Doakes asks. "I'm on it, Sergeant," replies Dexter, still staring at Perry's mug.

Rita, who's still driving the Christ-mobile 2006, is at school to pick up Astor and Cody, I presume. A big fella wearing one of those super-bright crossing guard vests greets Rita. "Hey, Charlie. Where are the kids?" "Oh, your husband swung by a few minutes ago, he didn't tell you?" Dude, Charlie, can we talk a second? Yeah, um..what are you, a fucking idiot? There's no way this guy doesn't know what's going on with this family. Paul's been in jail, and granted, we don't know for how long, but I'm sure it's been long enough that the guy who's supposed to be in charge of the kids getting safely retrieved from school would have at least made a note! "Paul?" Rita says. "Yeah, he just picked up the kids." Well, obviously, Charlie. "You gave my children to Paul! Are you stupid?" I think he's stupid, yes. Rita tells him that she told the administrative office not to release them into his custody. Charlie: "Well, nobody told me." Rita: "He just got out of fucking jail!" Well, that's just great. Fucking Charlie. I mean, I guess it's not his fault, but still. Dammit, Charlie.

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