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Downs's Syndrome 2: The Dexoning

Out on the couch, Rita and Dexter give each other foot-rubs as Rita says, "I haven't had time to process as much as the kids. I mean, Paul was supposed to be locked up for another year." "Cody seems to be processing okay," says Dex. Rita explains how she thinks Cody's too young, and that Paul is just a concept to him, not a person, but that Astor remembers what Paul put them through. "At least you're not married anymore," says Dex. Actually, it turns out that they are, technically, still married, because Paul refused to sign the papers. "Power play?" wonders Dexter. Rita doesn't think so: "I think beyond all the darkness that haunts him, Paul loves having a family. He's just afraid to let go." "When did you notice it?" asks Dex. "This darkness inside the guy you fell for?" Rita: "I always knew it was there, I just didn't think I deserved better...until I met you." They share a long moment, her smiling, him pondering. "I have a dark side, too," he says after a while, and Rita laughs. "What? I do." "Somehow I doubt that. You have a good heart, Dexter. You're not like Paul. You don't hurt people." "Innocent people. I don't hurt innocent people." Um, whoa. What are you doing, Dexter? Rita, clearly not understanding what he's getting at, just keeps rubbing his feet and smiling. Man, oh man.

Dexter's arrived at the "Homestead Halfway House," and there's a slightly goth-y looking kid strumming a Fender Strat outside on a bench who, upon seeing Dexter, tells him the bowling alley is around the corner. "I'm looking for Jeremy Downs," Dexter tells him. "Jeremy?" the kid asks. Then, strumming along with himself, he says, "He va-ca-ted! The pre-mi-ses!" Aw, it's like a little punk song! Good for you, kid. Keep it up. Stay in school! Dexter snaps in the kids face and tells him to focus, which is kind of hilarious. "I'm trying to find Jeremy." "Oh, I get it. Look, man, I'm not really into that homo shit, but I'm kind of short on money for weed, so I guess I'll do it for less than Jeremy's charging." Yikes, dude. For weed? Really? I mean, I can see if you were hooked on crank or horse, but weed? Just scrape your bowl or find a friend who's got some, Jesus. "Wait, Jeremy's selling himself?" Dex asks. The kid confirms it, and Dexter gets a call. Of course it's Deb, who wants him to come over to Neil Perry's place. "Deb, it's my day off, I..." "Just get your ass over here. We're about to bust open the goods on the Ice Truck Killer!" Annoyed because not only does he have to put his pursuit of Jeremy Downs on hold, but also because he doesn't really believe that they've got the real ITK, and because Deb is being a cocky little shit, Dex hangs up and heads over.

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