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Downs's Syndrome 2: The Dexoning

Over at the Pink Motel, Angel and Deb are asking the woman outside watering plants if Perry's face looks familiar. "I don't know. They come, they go. Get it? They come..." Yeah, ha ha, lady. How long you been waiting to tell someone that one? Or is it something you say every day? I'll bet she says it every day. Anyway, Deb bitches her out because her feet hurt. "You think you could help us out?" Angel asks her en espaƱol if she know about the ITK, and she says yes. "Well, that's him. So let's try this again. Have you seen this man?" Apparently, he's a regular, and rents a room by the month with cash. "When was the last time he was here?" asks Deb. "He's here now." And you didn't think to say anything, even knowing he's a potential murderer, you idiot! Jesus. He's with a hooker, as well. "What's the room number?" asks Angel impatiently. "Twenty, here's the master." God, it's like pulling teeth. Angel tells Deb to call for backup, which she doesn't do, and they move towards the room. "Let's just hope this girl is still alive." "Do we wait for tactical?" Deb asks. "Not with a possible victim in there." Angel kicks the door in, and there's a girl on the bed, covered in blood and with a ball gag in her mouth. She immediately starts screaming, and Angels clears the rest of the room. Deb tries to comfort the girl and takes the gag out of her mouth. "Please hurry, get me out of here, before he comes back!" she shrieks. "Where is he?" Angel tries to get out of her. "Where was he going?" He tries again. "He went to the liquor store. He said he'd be right back." Deb and Angel look at each other. Jackpot. Now they have time to set up a trap.

Dex goes into the station, where some other cop says he needs Doakes's report on the dead kid. Dex acts all put upon because it's his day off, and lies that he was playing golf. "Do you have the report or not?" asks the surly cop, and Dexter goes to get it. Doakes comes out and says, "Wait! I'm on to you." "Excuse me?" says Dexter. "You're crazy-ass knife-slashin' two-step in the alley. You were right. You said the killer had previous experience. He did." "Oh...really?" says Dexter, trying to sound surprised and pleased. Why is Doakes busting his balls? He goes on to say that because Masuka noticed the same knife patterns, they were able to grab Downs. "Great work, Sergeant." Doakes: "Yeah, your instincts were dead on. They're always dead on when it comes to killers. Why is that?" Dexter shrugs him off, saying, "I'll just go get that report." "I'm watchin' you," says Doakes menacingly. Dexter waves on his way to the lab.

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