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Free to Kill You and Me

Quinn finds this moment to be the perfect opportunity to tell Deb about a two-bedroom apartment he'd heard was available. Deb replies that isn't a workplace conversation, so shut up. He continues and says that it's probably not going to be on the market long. She's serious about him shutting up. LaGuerta calls them from across the floor and tells them to get into her office. She seems pissed. Deb is terrified and asks Quinn without hardly moving her lips if he thinks LaGuerta knows about the two of them.

In her office, Deb and Quinn find the Captain and Batista already there. This is about the Santa Muerte case. Deb says that she thought that was dead, but the Captain says that it's alive again. Apparently, the hoochie that Batista picked up at the club last week has assured them that she will bring the Fuentes brothers to Club Mayan the next night. LaGuerta says that she will be overseeing the operation. Because they can't risk the brothers finding out, info about the sting will be on a need-to-know basis. Deb and Batista will be in a van outside the club. Quinn and Manzon will be in the club. LaGuerta will be walking around. She says that they plan to grab the guys before they enter the club. Deb reasons that, since they want to catch the guys outside, perhaps, I don't know, the cops should be stationed outside too? LaGuerta, who seems really nervous, says that they don't want to stick out, so they're going to keep to their normal posts.

Deb and Quinn leave LaGuerta's office. The Captain says to her that she has wasted a lot of resources on this case. She hasn't even been useful as the "master manipulator of the press" that she is known to be. If she doesn't nail the Fuentes brothers tomorrow night, he says they are going to have an interesting conversation about her future. Joe Reid mentioned while we were watching the season premiere that he doesn't really see LaGuerta's usefulness as a character on the show anymore. Moments like this almost make me agree. The Captain has never been presented as a wise and reasonable man, but his demands just seem crazy. It's like tickling someone when they are playing Operation. It feels like we're so desperate to raise the stakes for LaGuerta that actual asses are being reached into for ideas. This is what we got.

Batista gives LaGuerta a husbandly look of comfort, but she's not having it. She asks where they are in regards to finding Jordan Chase. Batista says that they have put calls in, with no luck. He says that Chase may be playing hard-to-get, in which case they will pay a visit to his organization. LaGuerta says that won't be necessary, because out of the elevator comes Jonny Lee Miller! Followed by Suit Guy.

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