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Free to Kill You and Me

While Chase is introducing himself with a salesman smile to Deb and Quinn, Masuka sees him and freaks out. He runs out to greet Chase (and Suit Guy holds him back just a little) and reminds him that they met before at one of his conferences. Chase remembers which one. That's some Dale Carnegie witchcraft right there. He must meet tons of people. Dexter says to Masuka that he will take his picture with Chase. He messes up a couple of times, but we'll see what that was for later. Chase eyeballs Dexter and introduces himself and shakes his hand with both of his own. Dex compliments Chase's watch and he says that his father gave it to him when he was a teenager and is water resistant to 100 meters. He can't imagine why you would need that, but it sure looks nice! Dex, sounding more and more like Vincent Price this episode in his VO's, says that, if he's the man that Lumen was talking about, Dex will make sure the watch accompanies him to the bottom of the Atlantic. Suit Guy is giving Dexter dirty looks.

In LaGuerta's office, Chase explains that he was in Jacksonville earlier when he got a call from Cole (Suit Guy) who said that a truck had been stolen from their lot and may be the truck that was found at the scene of the body spill. He flew back to Miami as soon as he got the news. Batista points out that Cole's jacket was found in the truck, but Cole says that it's his personal vehicle and he always leaves stuff inside of it. Also, the keys were in the ignition. Cole says an extra set are hanging at their offices and anyone could grab them. LaGuerta's all, and he's the head of security? Chase offers to help the police in any way they can. Batista says they will need fingerprints and hair samples of all of his employees, starting with Cole. Chase agrees and asks that his name and organization not be leaked to the press in conjunction with this "horrible tragedy." It would be a PR nightmare. LaGuerta says that, with his continued cooperation, it shouldn't be a problem.

Dexter VO's that sociopaths feel no psychic pain but do feel physical pain. He's pulling a hair out of Cole's head and he's feeling physical pain. As they are leaving the station, LaGuerta asks Batista what he thinks of Cole. He says that the "someone stole my car" excuse is the oldest in the book, though LaGuerta finds it hard to believe that someone in Chase's organization would be involved with this.

Masuka says that all of the prints and hairs in the truck match Cole's, even the prints on the ignition key. Batista says that this makes him the focus of the investigation. Jordan's alibi holds up.

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